To raise working capital for full production of our CW50 machine & allow further development of a suite of products for wellness market.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Cryomed Limited was founded as a UK based design and manufacturer of devices using cryogenics, for the purposes of non-surgical applications of extreme cold for the initial purpose of beauty and wellness. 

Our entry into the market is predicated on the need for safe, reliable equipment as the market suppliers are currently Eastern European companies who have shown to have issues with reliability.  Current customers are looking for a UK based manufacturer for better reliability.

The current markets include beauty salons who offer fat reduction (Cryoscuplture) and facials as well as physio therapists who offer muscle pain management. The use of cold on the skin surface is effective for such treatments.

Cryomed can call upon Mr Brian Clarke, who as Lead Designer, has a number of patents in cryogenics and has made cryogenic equipment for the surgical market.  He is highly proficient in developing machines to conform to medical standards with BSI certification. Cryomed will be well placed for hinted changes in regulatory requirements.

Cryomed will be distributing the suite of equipment through carefully selected distributors.  Cryomed will ensure both that the distributors and the end customers are trained and that appropriate risk assessments are completed before the delivery of equipment.


Cryomed’s income stream will be comprised of the equipment sales plus ongoing annual maintenance agreements.

Cryomed is looking to raise funding to cover the working capital necessary for the development of the suite of products (ranging from standalone units to full body 'sauna' units).  The funds raised will allow full development and testing prior to offering the range to the market by its distribution partners.

The first product to be developed is the CW50, which uses a 50 litre cannister of liquid nitrogen to safely deliver extreme cold for theraputic effect.