Cruz Basketball Club

Cruz Basketball Club

Basketball will be used as a tool to educate young people

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Project Mission:

  • To improve the lives and raise the potential of young boys/girls
  •  Improve and promote opportunities for young people in sport, fitness and physical activity
  •  Reducing anti-social behaviour and working with young people who have offended or are at risk of offending
  •  Encourage young people to be ‘Self Made’ in life
  •  Providing activities that divert young people away from negative behaviours and peer groups and engage them in more positive recreational and community activities.

Our Aim:

Using Basketball to deliver personal development opportunities to young people.

  • Enable young people to have the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge, and experience, enhancing their employability and work towards accredited qualifications.
  • Participants will include young people with a range of socio-economic needs including mental health issues, people who are homeless, offenders (first time and reoccurring), and those at risk of offending.
  • Our activities provide opportunities for young people to build trust in others; their community and gain self-confidence before they progress to more focused and targeted interventions.
  • Our approach will channel young people interacting with different social groups. This helps break links with negative peer hierarchies (such as those found in gangs or communities with territorial divides).
  • Have 20-30 young people taking part in these activities on weekly basis.