Crutch4Sarcoma - Steven Huckle

Crutch4Sarcoma - Steven Huckle

Raise awareness for the Crutch4Sarcoma campaign and generate funds which can be used to undertake further research into this field of cancer

We did it!

On 2nd Mar 2016 we successfully raised £4,255 of £2,500 target with 90 supporters in 56 days

On the 17th February 2016, I hope to have completed 100 consecutive days of 10k runs, with the aim of creating greater awareness of the Crutch4Sarcoma campaign in addition to hopefully generating some funds, which can be used to undertake further research into this rare and aggressive form of cancer.

Despite being the wrong side of 30 and not a natural runner by any stretch of the imagination, I am hugely motivated to complete this task, and raise as much awareness as possible not only because Sarcoma has become known as the ‘forgotten cancer’ affecting so many young lives, but also in part due to the outstanding work of two young people.   As a teacher, I am in the privileged position of working with exceptional students who truly make a difference, however, seldom to the extent of Dominique. Not someone to court popularity or solicit sympathy from anyone, very few people are aware of what she has been through over the last 9 years. I only recently understood the full extent of the challenges she has faced through social media and from her sharing her story with the current Sixth Form at Tanglin Trust School, where I was touched and saddened to hear the stories of other children Dominique has met along her journey, suffering from similar illnesses, when they should be out playing and enjoying life. I am full of admiration for Dominique’s courage, bravery, determination and resilience in addition to her selfless nature and compassion for the welfare of others. Despite everything she has faced and continues to face, she is always effervescent in demeanour, working tirelessly as an ambassador for the Crutch4Sarcoma campaign in the hope that her work can have long lasting benefits for fellow sarcoma sufferers.    It was at the same time that I became aware of Lachlan Cameron.  Lachlan is a very impressive young man who volunteered to run a marathon using crutches to raise funds for Crutch4Sarcoma; a feat that has played a large part in inspiring me to embark upon this challenge. As mentioned before, my running style is more Bambi than Bolt and therefore the thought of ever being able to complete a marathon has never entered my mind, let alone doing this on one leg! Despite not knowing Lachlan, I felt truly inspired by his decision to take on such a formidable challenge and his selfless desire to help raise money for the Crutch4Sarcoma campaign, an organisation he continues to dedicate time to whilst simultaneously completing an undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne.   So where did this idea originate from? Well, during a short trip to the Gili Islands, I decided to go for a morning run around the island (5km). After navigating the uneven roads, random horses and soaring temperatures, I was exhausted but had enjoyed every second. This got me thinking as to how lucky I was to be healthy and to have experienced such a run with it’s stunning albeit odd views. I recalled the stories I had heard of children suffering, unable to run or even walk and frustrated at being helpless I decided I wanted to contribute in some capacity. I decided that running was the best way and I was curious to know how many consecutive days I could run 10k for, eventually settling on a target of 100.   The unrelenting nature of the challenge has made it tough.  I’ve had a few injuries to contend with alongside man-flu and Christmas dinners, none of which support 10k runs! However, these niggles are a mere drop in the ocean when compared to the hardships that sufferers of sarcoma have to go through day-in-day out.   With 42 days to go, absolutely any contribution of any size will be hugely welcome, motivating and appreciated and will hopefully see me across the line on the 17th February!    You can check out my runs on Twitter @steven_huckle

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