Crucible - Enter The Arena

Crucible - Enter The Arena

Please help me to fund creating play-mats and promotional cards to reward players for helping me to test the new card game I am creating.

We did it!

On 26th May 2015 we successfully raised £100 of £100 target with 6 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

At £500 I can beginto have artwork drawn up for the final release of the cards! At this time I can have some canvas prints of the new artwork printed for backers.

Project aim

Please help me to fund a tournament style system to test the collectible card game I am creating, with playmats and promo cards

About the project

I began the Crucible project last year as a small card game which could be played during my lunchbreak with unwitting work colleagues. The game quickly developed a life of it's own and it is now my hope that within a year the game will see a public release.

Set in a bleak near future, the game features a group of factions each vying for control of an arena type playfield by using card strengths and special abilities to take control of other cards in the arena. Once the arena is full, players who do not have the greatest presence in the arena have a finite number of turns to get themselves back into the action or face defeat.

My experience as a games shop manager has taught me that players love competition and they love prizes for taking part in those competitions, so I'd like to combine testing with competitive play to help the game evolve in a truly balanced and enjoyable way up to the point which it becomes a viable product for release.

For the time being I am using a low cost printer and some hastily sketched artwork on the cards to make them colourful and recognisable to the regular players but I'd relish the opportunity to improve them. The first stage in this process is to create better looking cards using more advanced print equipment and more appropriate print materials.

If you could go so far as to help me take my game to the next level you would make a difference not just to me, but to my friends and family who have been such a great part of this journey.


Many thanks

Stephen Rodgers

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