Crucial Vet fees for Jerry

by Carol Hine in 

Crucial Vet fees for Jerry
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

We are in desperate need of help to cover Jerry’s vet bill. He was deliberately hurt, left to die & needed vast urgent vet care.

by Carol Hine in

We are in desperate need of help to cover Jerry’s vet bill. We named him, we could not leave him.

Our rescuer has just witnessed an incident this evening, where yet another beautiful small dog has just been hit at full speed by a motorcyclist on the road.. The cyclist it seems maybe aimed for the dog............... he saw the dog, walking slowly across the road and almost seemed to speed up to hit the dog full whack at great speed. The motor cyclist then sped off once he had hit the dog. He knew what he had done but just kept on going. Our rescuer was driving along in her car and witnessed the whole episode herself. She stopped, rushed over to him laying in the road unable to move and crying, and she has rushed him to the emergency vets, the dog is alive but in a bad way. He's clearly an older dog and the vet is going to do ultrasound and x rays, but already he can feel his pelvis is broken and probably in more than one place.  We need to do what we can to save this boy. He doesn't seem to have any internal bleeding but he cant walk and his tummy is bleeding where the bike hit him. He is in a lot of pain and they have had to muzzle him as he is biting trying to lash out in pain when touched. He has now been sedated to get x rays and ultra sound. We don't have money for this. We don't. Please can you help us with a donation to cover these costs. Its going to be a lot, he is clearly going to need surgery, maybe more than one, and we simply don't have the money for this. We are a not for profit small group of volunteers and fundraise to rescue, give medical care and rehome abandoned dogs.

Please help us, every pound really does help.

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