Crown & Code: The Lingerie Revolution

by Joy Millani in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 5th August 2020 we successfully raised £1,010 with 23 supporters in 14 days

Our Lingerie Brand - Crown & Code is ready to launch, we just need your support to help us get to the finish line.

by Joy Millani in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

- Get professional photography equipment to create content for our Crown & Code community. 

The Brand:

1595433215_gofundc&c_banner_.pngWelcome to Crown & Code, a premium lingerie brand designed to empower women to feel powerfully confident and sublimely sexy. Crown & Code provides high quality lingerie for high calibre women.

The development of our brand, begun a day after the UK went into lock-down. Ever since that day, we've been working tirelessly to bring our brand to life. 

You see, Crown & Code is more than just luxury lingerie, it's a revolution, that will unite women from all over the world!

That we invite you to be a part of!

Our Story:

My name is Joy Millani, I'm a young aspiring entrepreneur and I've been working on my own luxury lingerie brand for the past five years, which I finally founded some six months ago.

1595433273_joy_lingerie_1_black.jpgI've always been fascinated by the power of lingerie. Fascinated, by how a simple piece of clothing, would completely transform the way a woman would feel about herself. How this simple piece of clothing, would unlock her inner confidence and enable her to feel so majestic and elegant in her own skin.

I remember the first time I experienced this sublime feeling so vividly that it inspired me so much so, that I set out on a mission to launch a lingerie brand that would give this feeling to as many women as possible.

Ever since that first experience, my vision for an empowering luxurious lingerie brand starting forming. Soon this vision became clearer, and so did the words, the lines and the materials. The brand name 'Crown & Code' came to me so spontaneously one day that I couldn't yet quite grasp its deep meaning. I had to uncover it.

- The Crown;

It’s about power.
It’s about majesty.
It’s about glory.

Wear your crown. Take back your power. Place yourself on the pedestal, called your throne. You are majestic. You deserve to feel beautiful and sexy.

- The Code;

Honour your womanhood.
Live your authenticity.
Embrace who you are unapologetically.

Crown and Code is a celebration of a woman's sensuality and sexuality as well as a revolution that strives to restore a woman's freedom and liberation.

Once I realised the true meaning of Crown & Code, I came to understand that this brand was more than just lingerie, but indeed, a revolution. A revolution that today I invite you to be a part of.

The Progress:

A few months ago, I was able to register the company, trademark the brand's name and finally get started on choosing the items for the online store.

I envisioned Crown & Code's pieces to be very elegant and beautiful, yet also very unique and creatively designed. So I spent a lot of time thinking about the different styles and materials I wanted to see in our collection. I spoke to many women from the community to get their ideas of what they would expect from a luxury lingerie brand, their feelings and aspirations. A recurring theme that many women considered highly important was sizing, and a brand that would be inclusive of all women whilst being exclusive in style.

So, Crown & Code lingerie offers a broad range of sizes from UK size 6 up to UK size 20.

Have a look at some samples of the collection:


The journey to launching Crown & Code, has been a real challenge. We've experienced so many set-backs, felt defeated at so many different points, throughout the journey and I, for one, have not that the best start in life, at least not one that could possibly set me up for any kind of success in life. But with all that said - we decided not to give up.

We kept going, because we we're no longer doing this for ourselves anymore - we were doing this for our wonderful community of women, that believed in our brand, who had been following us on our journey from the start. These women, who are a part of the Crown & Code community, have been so inspired by our mission, which has, in turn, inspired us to keep going.

Nicholl is one of these women, here is what she has to say about our brand; Testimonial 

Crown & Code - our brand, has come a long way. Our community and our vision, have been the driving forces that has kept us going - even when it's been tough. We rise above whatever obstacles present themselves, because we let our mission lead us. We are passionate, we are driven, we are focused, we are authentic, and we need you to support us, into our next chapter.

The Next Chapter:

Now that our brand - Crown & Code has entered a new chapter, it means that you get to be a part of it. We're set to launch next month - August 2020, there's so much that we've already done, there's just a little more to do, before we get to the finish line, and with your incredible support, we will 100% get there.

We still need to get our first sample stock ordered, run our campaign and e-comm shoot, and get our brand launched and our there in the world, so our community, who have been so patient with us, can finally have our products.

Now we just need to raise £1000, initially, which will cover;

- Getting the Sample Stock (£600)
- Sorting out the Packaging (£200)
- Getting the Labels (£100)
- Ordering the free Purchase Gift (£100)

I believe that together, we can achieve this target within 1 week. This will enable our brand to deliver the best quality products, offer you the best possible shopping experience and be able to launch in time.

This support will also mean that our brand can fulfill it's mission, of creating a global revolution of women, coming together and celebrating one another, through our love of lingerie.

As a thank you for your pledge, here are the gifts we'll be giving away:

For your pledge (between), you'll be entered to receive:

£1 - £50 win Luxury Fleur De Paris Everlasting Roses (in colour of choice)
£50 - £100 win Hollywood Glam Makeover
£100 - £500 win Boudoir Photoshoot
£500 + win Crown Code Lingerie Items every month, for a year

The winners of these gifts will be announced on 30th July (2020) and the gifts will be ready by 30th August (2020).

Thank you for support and thank you for your pledge. This is the beginning of an incredible journey for our brand and we are so delighted, that you get to be a part of it.


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