Crowleys, Building back from the Covid lock down.

by Crowleys Bar in Hastings, England, United Kingdom

Crowleys, Building back from the Covid lock down.


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We hoping to become a local hub for arts and culture using the building to its full potential accessible to all artists and performers

by Crowleys Bar in Hastings, England, United Kingdom

About Crowleys Bar

Crowley’s has been a grassroots music venue since opening in 2018 with a music venue upstairs. The building under various names has a history of putting on musical upstarts since the 1980s. Different names, ownership and styles of venue, but the premise has consistently stayed the same in pushing emerging artists.1616978232_143871500_860894968030238_8632115491565973558_o.jpg

Crowley’s continues with the same mantra, while also striving to bring good quality music to the town, names that you would normally expect to play the bigger cities. Legendary names in their scenes such as DJ Rap, Nicky Blackmarket, The Casualties, Subhumans, Clowns and Adolescents to name a few, promoting various styles of music that do well in the Hastings scene. Prior to lockdown, we had plenty of similar level acts line-up, some of the most iconic names in the venue’s history, such as The Toasters, America’s answer to Madness as pioneers of the American ska scene. On top of booking more established acts, we focus on new and emerging bands and artists. We have given plenty of Hastings/Sussex new artists their first opportunities to play live to an audience over the years, and we continue to build on making sure that emerging artists have somewhere to play.1616978384_moa_crowleys_poster.jpg

Due to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic and failing to meet the criteria for the Cultural Recovery Fund. We have been unable to carry out the necessary works to maintain the building and cover normal costs of rent and utilities.

We are no longer able to operate until the lock down restrictions are lifted fully in June 2021. We have had to reschedule our entire 2020 schedule, and are now beginning to move that to late 2021.

It has put a significant amount of financial strain and pressure on the building. We are also at a critical stage where this beautiful old building needs mass investment from every available revenue stream.  

The Vision and Building Back Better

Our aim is to transform our building into an arts and cultural hub for the local community. Making the upstairs  space more viable and attractive to wide range of events from Yoga classes during the week to powerful live music performances during the weekend.

It is our desire to support artists every step of the way and refurbish our derelict upstairs rooms into affordable fully equipped practice rooms. We would also like to use the rooms upstairs for art studios for local artists and support local artists by offering an affordable space to hone there craft.

We plan to open our kitchen specialising in delicious vegan and vegetarian foods from offering healthy soups, snacks and vegan junk food.. Extending our offering to also include deliveries. We aim to only use ethical packaging which is recycled or can be recycled.

We aim to become much closer to being carbon neutral and will look to explore ways to ensure we can reach this target in the future. exploring realistic alternatives for our energy and heating supply.; such as the installation of solar panels. We aim to responsibly dispose of all rubbish only use waste disposal providers that match our commitment to recycling.1616979994_79149647_1508517505962059_4626734106363822080_o.jpg

Our biggest aim is to put on the most sought after artists and bring an amazing programme of entertainment to improve and inspire the local music and arts scene to new heights. Putting on performers known to provide a compelling and memorable performance. We wish to be a place where people feel safe to express themselves.


What are the funds needed for?

To make the building water tight, a new roof and new toilet roof

Fully refurbish the toilets 

A new floor to replace the decomposing carpet

To refurbish the kitchen

To cosmetically refurbish the rooms above the venue ready to be made into practice spaces and also art studios.

Re-branding the building to represent our vision " THE HUB"

Cosmetically improve the outside bringing it back to its former glory.

Let's make 'Crowleys, Building back from the Covid lock down.' happen

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