Crowdfunding for legal justice

Crowdfunding for legal justice

Raising funds to fight injustice and expose the truth.

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On 4th May 2017 we successfully raised £650 with 10 supporters in 28 days

As you may know I am being sued for defamation in the High Court, by a company who is trying to hide how they have manipulated the justice system to defraud multiple victims all over the UK out of tens of thousands of pounds.


When I uncovered what they were doing I wrote a press release to expose the truth. This company are now trying to stop the truth from being revealed, by stopping me from exposing their fraudulent actions.


Unfortunately defamation cases are not covered by legal aid, so I am having to defend this case personally.


These fraudsters are predatory litigators conspiring with corrupt solicitors. They have lied, deceived, created false evidence, committed perjury in court, perverted the course of justice when they hoax called a victim so he missed his court hearing and could not expose their lies against him, threatened multiple defamation cases against several people so the truth remains hidden, and manipulated the justice system for their own financial gain. Hundreds of thousands of pounds have been claimed by these co-conspirators and they must be stopped.


I have been allocated a 5 day hearing in autumn 2017, and would prefer to hire a Barrister to defend the case properly, but this will cost thousands of pounds which I cannot afford.


Due to the complicated nature of the case I would prefer not to reveal the company name online, or the case details. However I have included links in the notes section, to newspaper articles where their actions have been revealed by a professional journalist who is protected by his national newspaper.


The police are aware of this company's actions, but are making excuses as to why they cannot prosecute the owner and directors. Even though this company created false evidence to gain financially and commited perjury in the courts against their victims, because of the business to business contract involved and previous court judgements (based on false evidence and perjury), justice has not yet been achieved.


Therefore the only way to stop them is to expose the full truth in front of a High Court Judge.


If you believe that justice should be done and the truth exposed, please help me fight these fraudsters by donating to my legal fees so these criminals can be stopped.

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