Crowdfunders - Become a Landlord from £25

Project by jpwood30
Crowdfunders - Become a Landlord from £25

Launch a new business that will enable everyone to be able to invest in property and become a landlord.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

JRL Developments

We are hoping to be able to raise £5000 to help towards the costs of starting a new property development business under the name of JRL Developments.103009-8e50d2b2172b2ac3cd1dcd08d084d42f.

The aim of the business is to provide an alternative investment method to that of either the Stock Market, CFD or Currency Exchange Tradings whilst out preforming capital growth from a standard savings account.   By creating this business we are hoping that everyone can become a landlord.

We have chosen the route of Crowdfunding, this is the ethos of our business, it will be you the public who has access to being the landlord from a smaller capital investment perspective.

How will it work?

Each of our properties are acquired through the company without the use of any mortgages or loans.  With your investments you will receive shares equivalent to the investment in each property.  All investors are therefore entitled to dividends from the monthly income that each property brings in with respect to being rented.  After a set period of time and hopefully after a rise in market value each property would be sold off and the investors will receive a Return on Investment (ROI) based on their starting capital and % growth in the market sale of the property.  

What do we do?

It really is all about Location, Location, Location and we as a team of three, source the properties, will add them to our website and offer our investors the choice of where they invest their money with full details on each of the properties in the portfolio.  We are completely transparent.  We also carry out the maintenance and management of the properties not only legally but also from an ethical perspective.  

What will your investment mean now?

We will be asking for pledges to help us start up this business.  The money kindly pledged will help us  by finding a suitable trading office as well as development on our website and launching our marketing campaign.  At this stage and in return for your pledge you’ll be acknowledged on our website and if you wish a thank you card will be forwarded.  

This idea has long been in development and we’re looking forward to taking this dream to the next level reality.

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