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In a partnership between Semble and Crowdfunder UK, we are on a mission to find two inspiring projects in the UK who are finding positive and creative ways to support mental health.

The chosen projects will receive a 1-2-1 coaching consultation from Crowdfunder UK’s Senior Coach Bertie Herrtage, media support from Semble and a pledge of £250 onto their very own crowdfunding campaign.

If you’re looking to raise money for your charity, community or business, please tell us about yourselves and your approach to mental health in under 100 words in the form below:

The two winners will be announced the week of  22nd April - crowdfunding campaigns will take place between  20th May - 16th June. 

This is a personal fund set up by Crowdfunder UK’s Bertie Herrtage. In 2018 he travelled across the UK to meet with 10 inspiring projects who used crowdfunder to raise money for their own unique approaches to tackling mental health issues.

These 10 projects formed the basis of the ‘Crowdfunder Stories’ magazine which in November 2018 Bertie crowdfunded for, raising £13,203 from 393 supporters. 

Semble the principal sponsor of the magazine and Crowdfunder UK are looking for the next generation of incredible stories.


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