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100% free fundraising for those starting up a new business after being affected by coronavirus

100% free fundraising for those starting up a new business after being affected by coronavirus

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If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that nothing in life is certain.

But sometimes, when you’re down - the only way is up.

We have thousands of new business startups raising money and creating their crowd at the same time. Crowdfunding helps you validate your idea, build your customer base before you start and raise the funds you need to make that leap.

You're ready. We're ready. Let's make your startup happen.

How crowdfunding works

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Create your unique page. Tell your startup story and explain your idea. Then set a target and how long you need to reach it.

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Get the word out

Spread the word to friends, professional contacts and others in your community. Tell everyone you know about your project.

Fund your business start-up!

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People who like your idea donate or pledge money in return for a reward they’ll receive once your project succeeds.

Follow their journeys...

We're following the stories of some of the people who have taken the leap to make their startup dreams a reality. Watch this space or follow us on socials for their updates…

If you're starting your own business journey and want to send us a video to be featured then get in touch.

Alex starts Penny's Pizza

After being made redundant due to COVID-19 and spending months searching for work with no luck, Alex had to rethink his career path and look for new ways to support himself. The idea for Penny’s Pizza was born out of a love for pizza, and a passion for sourcing the best ingredients.

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Emma starts Trillium

Emma was made redundant earlier this year after 22 years at the same company. She didn’t want to give up her connection with plants and wildlife, so is hoping to start her own business - called Trillium - focusing on the care and nurturing of indoor plants.

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Olly & Naomi start The Public Spirit

Olly & Naomi have chosen now as the time to launch their craft spirits brand - The Public Spirit. After being recently made redundant, they used that as the opportunity they needed to really focus on launching their new venture.

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Jess starts Kitambaa

One of our success stories! Jess was furloughed earlier this year and decided that the time was right for her to finally make her clothing company dream a reality. She ran her crowdfunder throughout July and successfully raised over 100% of her target meaning that she's now in production. Go Jess!

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Thinking about starting your own business? Fundraising for your new business startup on Crowdfunder is 100% free, if you've been affected by the coronavirus crisis.

So what are you waiting for?

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