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London isn't just open, it's crowdfunding!

Londoners with great ideas are crowdfunding brilliant and innovative projects in every borough across the capital.

And as well as helping you gain support from the Crowd, Crowdfunder partners with local authorities, brands and other grant-makers to turn ideas into reality.  If you have a project which the Crowd supports and which meets their criteria, our partner funders will provide match funding to help you reach your target.

Whether you are social enterprise, community group or charity, if you have a great idea for London, have a look at some of the projects that have already been funded and the match funds that may be available to you to make your idea happen.

LDN got a good idea? With crowdfunding you'll get your message out there, make loads of new contacts in a short space of time - and raise much needed cash! What is there not to love?.

Sarah Bentley, Made in Hackney                    

London Projects

Stop funding hate image

Stop Funding Hate Greater London

We're taking on the hate campaigns of the Sun, Daily Mail and Daily Express by persuading brands to pull their advertising

Successfully overfunded

  • 4848 supporters
  • £108k raised
  • 100 days
Made in hackney image

Made In Hackney Greater London

To secure the future of our community kitchen & cookery school so we can help 10,000 more people gain skills to lead healthier happier lives

Successfully overfunded

  • 553 supporters
  • £76.7k raised
  • 42 days
Opening the beer merchants tap image

Opening the Beer Merchants Tap Greater London

Help us open London's best craft beer bar and bottleshop, as well as the capital's first dedicated barrel-aged sour blendery

Successfully overfunded

  • 677 supporters
  • £55.2k raised
  • 35 days
8 minutes image

8 MINUTES Greater London

An ambitious new project by Alexander Whitley Dance Company bringing together space science and the contemporary arts

Successfully overfunded

  • 41 supporters
  • £29.9k raised
  • 35 days
Raise a toast image

Raise a Toast Greater London

We brew with surplus fresh bread + give 100% of profits to charity. We want to add a Craft Lager + Session IPA to our Pale Ale #RaiseAToast

Successfully overfunded

  • 449 supporters
  • £29.5k raised
  • 28 days image Greater London

To keep a dedicated news and comment website about London's politics, development and culture going and growing.

Successfully funded

  • 434 supporters
  • £25.4k raised
  • 35 days
Pedal the pond image

Pedal The Pond Greater London

To raise £20,000 for Pedal The Pond's chosen charity The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust and help educate people on the signs of depression.

Successfully overfunded

  • 365 supporters
  • £21k raised
  • 28 days
Helping hands food bank image

Helping Hands Food Bank Greater London

Our Helping Hands Food Bank aims to stop the most vulnerable refugee and asylum seekers in Lewisham from going hungry.

Successfully overfunded

  • 172 supporters
  • £19.5k raised
  • 66 days
Save the sunbathers image

Save The Sunbathers Greater London

The Sunbathers: help bring a lost piece of the Festival of Britain back home.

Successfully overfunded

  • 237 supporters
  • £19.3k raised
  • 35 days
#fundfencing image

#FundFencing Greater London

British Fencing aims to raise money to support senior athletes on our international performance programme both in training and competition.

  • 151 supporters
  • £18.6k raised
  • 66 days
Lara | save our studio! image

LARA | Save our studio! Greater London

World-class art atelier LARA is under untenable financial pressure after a forced move - fund the Clapham North refit to help LARA survive!

  • 142 supporters
  • £17.7k raised
  • 127 days