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To build a new, sustainable centre for education, science and wildlife conservation in the heart of Scotland.

We did it!

On 28th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £5,005 with 126 supporters in 56 days

Join us on our adventure to build the best little Zoo in Scotland!

We, along with many other wonderful people, are working from dawn to dusk to revive and remodel a former animal park into a modern zoo, which will become home to many different exotic and endangered species. We need your help to accomplish our ambition of becoming a world-class education, research and wildlife conservation centre.

Fife Zoo focuses on fun, play and learning with children and adults being inspired to protect threatened habitats on their doorsteps, as well as around the globe. Our conservation and wildlife message is top priority and will be achieved by delivering excellent animal care and education standards. 

Our Story So Far . . .

Fife Zoo has come a long way in the past 18 months, with the opening of Africafé and Sloth Play and being granted full planning permission. We've even won a Silver Award from Green Tourism!

After a rocky road aquiring the site, we've been working tirelessly to plan and develop the zoo from scratch. As you can imagine, the construction of a modern zoo is a huge project and we've had some delays along the way. We've been working constantly with teams of volunteers and local people  to develop the site as a new home for endangered species, as well as surveying and improving the habitats on site for native wildlife - including BioBlitz projects and building insect hotels, renovations and demolitions!

 Our mission is:

"To promote the conservation of biodiversity through education, research and our passion."

We've got our work cut out. Major developments for Fife Zoo include the renovation of a third building to house the animal feed preparation and stores, veterinary hospital rooms, staff room, staff offices and multi-purpose classrooms and meeting rooms - all essential for a modern zoo! And then, of course, there's the animals . . .

Our biggest job is to create new, purpose-built, natural habitats that promote natural behaviours, including mixed species exhibits, walkthrough and immersive exhibits, whereby visitors can become immersed in a series of mini-safaris, with people and animals brought together in the same habitat. The zoo will be split into geographic zones, allowing people to explore a variety of habitats, from the African savannah to Asian rainforests and the South American pantanal. 

Fife Zoo will become members of the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA) and the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA). This will allow us to become members of all of the breeding programmes for animals living at the zoo, as well as make sure they get the best care and husbandry and be part of a huge variety of field conservation projects!

So far, we’ve had no funding for the zoo. Everything we’ve done has been funded by us, by Africafé and by Sloth Play.

Africafé at Fife Zoo

Africafé at Fife Zoo opened in January 2016, selling a wide range of certified, loose leaf teas and triple-certified coffee as well as Fairtrade and sustainably sourced products. It's massively important to us that Fife Zoo has the lowest environmental impact possible - from palm oil auditing to 100% compostable packaging!

“The existing café is outstanding and very sustainably minded. Suppliers have been thoroughly vetted and vegan menus and other aspects are really cutting edge.” - Jon Procter, Green Tourism Assessor.

Sloth Play at Fife Zoo

Sloth Play at Fife Zoo opened in December 2016. Our bespoke indoor soft play area focuses on biodiversity of South America and the Amazon rainforest and raises awareness of current conservation issues, including deforestation and the use of palm oil. We want Fife Zoo to become a social hub for people of all ages and abilities to meet, enjoy and learn.

Grevy's Zebra

A team of dedicated volunteers and local people built the new zebra house and exhibit, ready for the arrival two endangered Grevy's Zebra in March 2017. Since then, Marty and Jez have settled in well and are enjoying their new home. Grevy's zebras have undergone one of the most substantial reductions of range of any African mammal and are now there are only around 2,800 left in the wild. Marty and Jez are part of the European Endangered Species Programme, so play a huge role in the conservation of Grevy's Zebra.

So what do we need?

We need your help! The support we have had so far for Fife Zoo has been overwhelming. To kickstart the next part of the project we need to raise a total of £250,000. Even if our goal is not reached, ALL of the donated funds will contribute towards developing the zoo. If we raise more than we need, every penny will be spent on making the zoo even better!

The Rewards

We have some great rewards for ALL donations, so please give what you can and know that it's greatly appreciated. 

You can also help Fife Zoo by spreading our story far and wide . . . 

Thank You!


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