Crowd. Ship sails used to draw portraits of a city

by Pete Codling - Artist in Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

Crowd. Ship sails used to draw portraits of a city


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Raising the sails! Life-size portraits of a crew, drawn on huge canvases. Inspired by the HMS Victory sails at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

by Pete Codling - Artist in Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

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Ellie Milner 8th October 2020

Hi Pete, good to donate to such an amazing project. It would be fab if you get a chance to place a nod to my charity in the piece (though not exactly of the time period except the name of the charity Arms Around The Child’ came from Mark 9:36) look forward to seeing the progress. Ellie x

Maria Rogers 7th October 2020

Another worthy project... Good luck! My grandfather worked in the Dockyard. He is now 103 years old. I always remember him cycling to and from work every day along with all the other local men that worked there. The dockyard and people that worked there are such an integral part of the cities history.

Kevin dorey 6th October 2020

This is something really wonderful for the city of Portsmouth undertaken by the creative genius and Portsmouth’s own ‘Picasso’, Peter Codling OBE.

Julie Wharton 5th October 2020

I absolutely love this celebration of Portsmouth - my Dad and Grandpop were both in the Navy and my ancestors worked in the historic dockyard. What a fabulous way to capture this heritage! I can't wait to see the final artwork!

Dan Rubin 1st October 2020

My donation is for a sale of a small work by Pete spotted in his display in the window of the old Debenham's store in Palmerston Road and repeatedly admired by a close friend for whom I purchased it for their forthcoming birthday. Very pleased.

Giles Collighan 30th September 2020

As discussed with Peter, this is a donation from The Portsmouth Distillery. We'd love to get our team included in a protrait of ship's crew doing something distillery oriented, perhaps issuing the tot from barrel etc.

Martin Hugman 21st September 2020

I love this project because, as I am directly involved in the upkeep of HMS Victory, it is wonderful to see the ship being portrayed within this artistic concept and also to see her being shared so that everyone is able to become involved in the final piece.

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