Help Open A Jewelery Shop In Exchange For Discount

by London Jeweler in London, England, United Kingdom

Help Open A Jewelery Shop In Exchange For Discount


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This project will only be funded if at least £29,998 is pledged by 22nd January 2021 at 8:56pm

We are opening a brand new jewellery store in the main jewellery district of London and invite you to be a part of it!

by London Jeweler in London, England, United Kingdom



We are a proud team of jewelers with over 50 years of experience making and selling jewellery. We have chosen to take the first step in opening our own Independent Jewelers in the center of London jewellery district and we want you to be a part of it. In return for your pledge made towards opening of our new shop you will get a gift card allowing you to purchase jewelry as a one off at our shop for cost price.

If you are already planning to purchase jewellery in the near future this can be your ticket to saving a lot of money as a thank you for helping us to open our new business.

More about our jewellery business

Our jewellery store will specialize in making of bespoke and tailored jewellery to customers exact requirements. Virtually any design that is seen or imagined our experts will create and bring into life. We will compete with websites like blue Nile, diamond factory and the diamond store to name a few. As well as already established jewellery businesses ranging from the independently run all the way up to the multinationals.

What we will specialize in 

  • Engagement Rings - All designs and budgets - Diamond and Gemstone
  • Wedding bands - All designs and metals - Ladies and Gents
  • Gifts - Pendants and Earrings - Diamond and Gemstones
  • Bespoke tailored jewellery - Computerized images - wax models and castings
  • Luxury Watches - Rolex - AP - Patek - Used and New 


 For those who have shopped for jewellery will know that the prices can vary substantially and each individual shop has its own margins and markups. Our company policy will be to offer the very best in quality for the most competitive price and will be happy to beat or price match any like for like offers. Our main aim will be to build a large customer base who will by word of mouth will recommend more customers.

For all those who make a pledge they will only have the pay the material and manufacturing cost, the profit, design and service breakdown of the original cost will be paid by us as a thank you for being a part of our company s creation.

How the gift voucher will work

This is how our valued crowd funders will be rewarded handsomely for there donations and trust. 

Every donations made will receive a gift voucher entitling the donor to purchase at our newly opened shop anything sold within the shop at cost value. 

So for example an engagement ring sold within the shop is £1250 - the gift voucher will allow you to purchase the same ring for the cost which in this example is £750. The original price of £1250 will be the most competitive price for that specific ring among all our competition but the gift voucher will allow you as a thank you from us the additional discount of £500. 


Donation guide

The following table will outline the donation amount and reward structure


If you pledge £350 then you will receive a gold gift card allowing you to get cost price of any jewellery to the amount of £5000, depending on the jewellery type you will have a minimum saving of £800

Reward Guide 

The reward can only be redeemed by the gift card holder in store or on our online website. The number of gift vouchers will be limited until enough is raised to purchase the premises. Please note this discount to buying at cost is only available to our donors and will not be given to anyone without the gift card.

Redeeming Donation Guide 

Once you have made your pledge helping our project, you will be notified once the targets have been hit outlined in our time line. The main target being that of raising £300,000 this will allow us to put in a bid to purchase our desired premise.Once this happens all those who have pledged will begin to receive there gift cards entitling them to cost price in our store. All our gift-card holders will need to book an appointment in advance and we advise to seeing designs and prices in a few different places before to really appreciate the saving the gift card will entitle you too.

Time Line


This will be our goal to finally reach, with the help of your pledges, an independently run jewelers and as a thank you we will grant you an amazing saving on your jewellery purchase.

Guarantee - Pledges will only be locked in once we are in a position to honor gift cards, all Pledges will be refundable until this stage is reached.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£200 or more


Gift Card which will allow you to buy up to £3000 worth of jewellery at cost price. Minimum saving of £550

£100 or more


Gift Card which will allow you to buy up to £1500 worth of jewellery at cost price. Minimum saving of £300

£350 or more

Gold Gift Card

Gift Card which will allow you to buy up to £5000 worth of jewellery at cost price. Minimum saving of £800

£500 or more

Platinum Gift Card

Gift Card which will allow you to buy up to £8000 worth of jewellery at cost price. Minimum saving of £1350

£1,000 or more

Diamond Gift Card

Gift Card which will allow you to buy up to £20000 worth of jewellery at cost price. Minimum saving of £3500

Let's make 'Help Open A Jewelery Shop In Exchange For Discount' happen

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