#croconilefanclub - giving something special back

#croconilefanclub - giving something special back

To give gifts to parents of babies and children who will be spending their Christmas in hospital. Parents need that little something too.

We did it!

On 19th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £800 with 31 supporters in 35 days

Meet the reason behind #croconilefanclub - baby Nile.

In Feb 2015, Nile was born at St Thomas' Hospital in London, 4 months early at 24 weeks and weighing a mere 590grams.  He spent several months in hospital and had complications, blood transfusions, operations and plenty of scans to keep it short and sweet!

The staff could not have been any kinder even if they tried and, we were lucky enough to have such a strong support network around him and us all as a family.

Once discharged from hospital, he went from strength to strength during the summer.  However, once Winter came it was a completely different story.  He had four admissions into hospital, totalling three months.

One of these admissions was on the lead up to Christmas, it was looking as though we were about spend our first Christmas as a family in hospital.  However, I'm sure this wouldn't have been a bad thing as we'd spent so much time with the staff, we knew everyone by their first names. We pretty much classed them as family.  But, as i'm sure you can imagine, deep down we just wanted to be in the comfort of our own home and to also ensure the dog didn't sulk and tear up the house for the day!  Nile was a strong bubba and behaved, which meant he was discharged two days before Christmas.  Just in time to be able to go food shopping for 12 of us, with nothing left in the shops of course.

We were fortunate enough to spend Christmas at home, but I always think about those who are not well enough to be home and what the parents are thinking and going through.  We only have Nile, so even if we did have to spend Christmas in hospital, we didn't have to think about other siblings and keeping their Christmas as normal as possible.

So here's what #croconilefanclub is asking......

Would you be able to spare £10 this Christmas?  I'm looking for people to to be able to make a donation so we can offer a gift to the parents of these bubbas that will have to be spending this Christmas in hospital.  There are plenty of Charities that have donations and gifts for children which is fantastic.

What we are asking is to give those strong parents, a special little gift on Christmas day, just to let them know there are people thinking of them and to lift their spirits if they are in need of a little Christmas cheer.

If you are able to donate £10, #croconilefanclub will be doing a big Santa shop and be delivering as many presents as possible to those parents with bubbas in hospital, so they have a little something special to open on Christmas Day.

Just to advise, this was originally on my personal Facebook account, I originally asked people to donate wrapped gifts with a personal card.  However we have had such an overwhelming response, that I have set up a Crowdfunding page as not everyone lives nearby so it was difficult to meet and pick up gifts.

At #croconilefanclub we have just started fundraising, with the intention of becoming a Charity, to be able to offer support and advice to the parents whose babies are born prematurely and who go straight into NICU, (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).

If you can help at all it would be fantastic, and I know that it would be a lovely and totally generous surprise to the parents, knowing that complete strangers are thinking of them and have been generous enough to buy a special Chritmas gift.


Thank you



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