Crimson Reflection is a lyrical ballet production

by Emma Levene in London, England, United Kingdom


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To help bring new writing of a lyrical ballet production to the stage and help move forward an upcoming dance company.

by Emma Levene in London, England, United Kingdom

Double Twist Dance is a professional ballet/contemporary/lyrical company based originally in Newham London now expanding to west London, North London studio and now online. We have been established since 2013. It is run and choreographed by head professional choreographer Emma Levene and assistant choreographer Emma Clandon.

As a company, we have a unique and different choreographic style telling stories and creates a connection with the audience. It uses raw emotion and expressive movement, blending ballet technique with elements of contemporary, lyrical, jazz.

Our company dancers are all highly-trained at leading dance colleges and are versatile in all dance styles including Latin, ballroom. tap and Bollywood.

Emma Levene-Director, choreographer, dance teacher of Double Twist Dance Company

Emma Levene has a strong passion for dancing, singing, performing, teaching, and choreographing. She started her training at a ballet school in Walthamstow in classical ballet syallbus in rad,modern, jazz, musical theatre and tap.  After studying GCSE dance at school and doing a BTEC Diploma in dance she was accepted into the highly respected Creative Academy dance college in Slough. Here, she trained in ISTD ballet, contemporary, choreography, jazz, and various other styles. To further her training she completed a small dance and musical theatre course in North London.

This gave her the technique and performing ability to work professionally and credits include dancing at the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics and Addams Family musical as ancestors and various other musicals. Her other work includes ballet productions such as Beatrix Potter, circus tours, films including 'Fantastic Beasts' and tv programmed like Made in Chelsea, music videos and tv adverts. She has also performed solo and group performances at Hackney Empire and Millfield theatre and Zee Carnivals at Olympia.

Emma's teaching career started as an assistant teacher at a local ballet school in cechetti ballet and from there has gone on to teach at various dance, performing arts schools, primary arts schools and primary after-school clubs teaching ballet, contemporary and lyrical, various other styles. She is passionate about teaching ballet and contemporary dance to all ages from children aged 4 to adults. Emma's biggest passion is giving others the chance to pursue their talent in dance and performing arts and looks forward to a long and fulfilling career in the arts.

Please visit Emma Levene Official website for further info on her


Emma Clandon is also trained in all styles of dance and a graduate from the prestigious Laine Theatre Arts which is why Emma Clandon and Emma  Levene are able to offer a wide range of styles for the company and for the school. They have a strong passion for dancing, choreographing, and performing.

This absolute passion for dance and music has informed Emma Clandon's life. From the age of four studying RAD classical ballet produced a joy in her spirit, training in both the UK and Australia at schools such as Ecole Classique School of Classical Ballet in Sydney, as well as taking class whenever her family travelled overseas. Adding a full range of training in other areas of dance, from contemporary to ballroom, filled out her skill set, as very early on Emma knew this was where she wanted her career to be.

Graduating from Laine Theatre Arts in Epsom, where she studied dance, drama and musical theatre, further honed her skills and Emma continues to take professional classes to maintain her standard.

Performing in theatre or on film is a culmination that is the essence of Emma. Being part of an ensemble and savouring every performance fulfils her ambition to strive for perfection. Recently played Victoria in Cats, Teresita in West Side Story and Kitt in Betty Blue Eyes.

Please visit Emma Clandon Offical Website: for future info on her too

Here crimson reflection production concept..

The tale begins with Ariel, a young girl from the village, who is kidnapped by the Fae Queen of the nearby Lost Woods, and Leira, an imposter created from Ariel’s reflection in a mirror, who is left in her place. After many years, when their memory of each other seemingly faded away to nothing, the misadventures of their friends and the malicious schemes of the Fae Queen reunite them. Now the two of them must reconcile their differences, and who they truly are inside if they are to avert disaster befalling the lands they call home.


Some of the strongest themes of the Crimson Reflection are nature vs nurture, how one’s experiences in youth can drastically shape the adult and how important moments of self-reflection can be in improving oneself. Ariel and Leira are literally copies of each other (thus have the same nature) yet have very different personalities and outlooks on life purely due to their very different upbringings.

Leira is brought up in a loving and supportive home with friends and family and, as a result, is warm, kind and caring woman. In contrast, Ariel’s distant, unhealthy and unfulfilling relationship with the Queen, the closest thing she has to a mother, has left her cold, insecure, harsh and judgemental to all but those closest to her. When Ariel is reunited with Leira, she remembers how she once was and sees how she has changed since the Queen took her; Leira represents everything she could have been if she had the love and support she craves. The epiphany causes her to reevaluate the values she was taught growing up and ultimately opened herself up to a wider perspective of the world, friendship, love and happiness.

Another set of key values present within Crimson Reflection is anti-authoritarianism and the promotion of peace and unity between very different communities and cultures. The Queen is a tyrant throughout the story but so few seem to notice before the final confrontation. Her reign starts as a passive tyranny; she isolates the Fae from the outside world not for their benefit but so she can protect her own power and control over them, and as long as she keeps her few overtly malicious actions unnoticed then her people accept her rule and even love her for it. They accept their cage and sell their freedom for illusions of stability and safety. However, as the story begins the Queen has already become more aggressive and will soon have two otherwise peaceful communities at war for her own ends. While few immediately take up arms, fewer condem the idea and it is implied that eventually all the Fae will march to war.

Disaster is only averted because the Queen is a tyrant and, like all tyrants, she only has power when the people give it to her. When the Fae finally, in unison, oppose the Queen, she is quickly defeated and they are freed from the prison they didn’t even acknowledge they were in. In the end, the only thing preventing a peaceful relationship between the Fae and the village were the actions and influence of the Queen herself.


        Changeling myth and folklore

        "The Stolen Child" - A poem by William Butler Yeats about Changelings from Irish folklore. Obviously this was a key source for the prologue scene when the Queen kidnaps Ariel and replaces her with Leira.

        Changeling: The Lost - A role playing game of Changelings and Fae trying to integrate with the “real” world. One of the story concepts it plays with is what would happen if a stolen child was to meet the fake child that was left in its place. It also has villains known as True Fae; immensely powerful magical beings who are mischeviest at best and monstrous at worst. The Queen would likely be one of these True Fae in that setting.

        Puella Magi Madoka Magica - A retelling of the legend of Faust that uses a cute and colourful anime style to initially hide a much darker and deeper story and philosophy. As Crimson Reflection is a story about folklore Fae not pop culture fairies, it too could be mistaken for a much more childish work.

        RWBY - An American anime that contains a character called Weiss Schnee who experiences a path of self reflection and character development that is very similar to Ariel’s.

        Little Red Riding Hood - The original concept piece for Crimson Reflection featured a Little Pink Riding Hood character being chased through the forest by a coven of witches. The first step moving away from this concept was the suggestion that coven was led by a woman that looked identical to Little Pink and eventually that formed the “hunting party chasing Leira” scene.

        Once Upon a Time - American TV show about fairy tale characters crossing over to the real world. It features several characters that inspired a couple of Crimson Reflection characters.

Creating new ballets is essential for the company to provide its young dancers with new challenges and theatre audiences with innovative new work.  

We are crowdfunding in the efforts to pay the amazing professional team of artist's involved in helping bring our ideas and work to life. They all deserve to be paid for their extraordinary talent, time and effort that has gone into this production. The money will go towards paying for the hours of rehearsal, costumes and a performance fee for their involvement. We hope to raise a fraction of the money they deserve.


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