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A psychological thriller about Celina, a vulnerable housewife, who fears she is losing her sanity as her concept of time becomes elusive.

by Sam Tring in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The stretch goal will allow us to submit the final film to festivals, where we hope to be selected. We will also provide a donation to Leeway a fantastic charity supporting victims of domestic abuse in Norfolk.

The Story:

Crescent is a story exploring the premise that not all abuse is physical. Inspired by real events, this rite of passage story portrays the journey of a vulnerable housewife, Celina, breaking free from psychological abuse. Moving into their new home, Celina Smith struggles to cope with her daily life. As her concept of time becomes elusive, she begins to fear for her sanity. Her husband, Patrick Smith, tries to support her through prescribed medication but Celina continues to manically believe that it is the clocks in the house that are controlling her. After struggling to find proof, she manages to create a sundial in the garden, but what she discovers is betrayal. 

The Aim:

Over two million people aged 16-59 told the Crime Survey for England and Wales they had been a victim of domestic abuse, 1.3m females and 695,000 males (source: Office of National Statistics, year ending March 2018) 

Yet the legal definition of Domestic Abuse in the UK is only just being updated to recognise non-physical and economic abuse. The draft bill - which is not yet law - will recognise that victims of domestic abuse also include those that have been psychologically coerced and manipulated and those that have no control over their finances. We want to create a film that raises awareness of psychological abuse within the definition of domestic abuse, and how many victims are unaware of it happening to them or afraid of speaking up. Inspired by a real event, it is truthful and sensitive to its subject matter. 

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The Vision:

The story takes place in a timeless period. Almost brutalist in its appearance, Celina is the soft edges in an otherwise stark clinical world. It is Patrick's world that Celina is trapped in. It feels familiar, yet uncomfortable. Filming will take place on location in Norwich

The Funding: 

We need your help to make the best film possible. As students we have access to some of the best equipment for free, however there are some essential costs we need to meet in order to match our technical quality. Most important of these is talent. With such a sensitive subject, we're looking to cast some of the best actors in the business to portray these characters truthfully. Paying our actors is just one element of the associated costs, which also includes accommodation, travel and food. In addition, creating a timeless world in which Celina and Patrick exists requires the perfect location, props, set dressing and costume. Money we make over our goal will help us submit the film to festivals and make a donation to Leeway, a fantastic charity supporting domestic abuse victims in Norfolk. 

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The Team: 

Crescent is being created by a group of second year Film and Moving Image Production Students at Norwich University of the Arts. 

Connor McGee, Director, CrescentHi, my names Connor and I'm the Director of Crescent. Over the past 5 years my passion for story telling has lead me to become a film maker. My most recent adventure took me to America for two months to be a videoographer for a summer camp. In this new year I aspire to create a compelling and gripping story exploring the theme of 'not all abuse is physical.' 

Wesley Burgess, Screenplay Writer, CrescentHi, I’m Wesley, the writer for Crescent. Film making has been my passion for the past 5 years, where I’ve worked on multiple film sets and specialised in promotional film making for clients. This year I’ve strived to write a compelling script based on a true story, that is both as realistic and as sensitive to the subject of psychological and domestic abuse as possible. 

Edward Heredia, Producer, CrescentHi, I'm Edward and I am the Producer of the short film Crescent. This film focuses on a very important topic that sadly is not addressed enough: Not all abuse is physical. Having said that, I am happy to be part of this incredible project working alongside very talented young filmmakers willing and passionate to create culture and contribute to the conversation through what we do best - filmmaking. 

Ethan Cassidy, Cinematographer, DOP, CrescentHi my name is Ethan and I am the cinematographer on Crescent. For me, Crescent is a story about betrayal from the one closest to us. It’s a story that could happen to anyone and everyone and that’s sense of betrayal is what I’m looking to capture in my role as cinematographer. 

Beth Sims, Production Designer, CrescentHi I’m Beth, the production designer for Crescent. I’ve had a love for stories from a young age and my passion for making films has come out of this. For me Crescent is a chance to show how the set design and props used can tell as much of a story as the characters themselves. This story shows how not all abuse is physical but that it doesn’t have to destroy us. 

Tully Mead, Sound Designer, CrescentHi I’m Tully and the sound designer for Crescent. This film gives me the opportunity to create suspense through sound in a realistic setting to help fit the theme of our film. This is important as the film for me highlights how some people have to battle against power and control in a domestic setting. 

Sam Tring, Editor, 1st Assistant Director, CrescentHi, I'm Sam the editor of Crescent. The beauty in Crescent's story is the simplicity in its use of the exploitation of time. Our perception of time as a concept is something that is implicitly trusted. Yet, the moment it is disrupted, it can affect us in many ways. It's a challenge I am looking forward to translating in the edit.


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