Cres Cats Coronavirus Food Support

by Kat Horsley-Summer in Cres, Općina Cres, Croatia

Cres Cats Coronavirus Food Support


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Raising funds to cover the additional cost of food for street cats of Cres island.

by Kat Horsley-Summer in Cres, Općina Cres, Croatia

New stretch target

Let's break the roof! More money = more food and vet bills paid for!

The aim of this Crowdfunder is to help the tremendous efforts of Koraljka Polacek, a usually self-sufficient volunteer helping, nursing and feeding vulnerable and injured street cats. This year has been brutal for everyone, but stray animals felt it so much more. It's only the beginning of October, and we need help with feeding the street cats yet again.

This crowdfunding effort became an annual tradition, and I hope that we can once again help to feed and take care of a few little mouths. 


Why are we doing this?

The winters on Cres are harsh, with the savage, dangerously cold Bora wind battering the island through autumn and winter. This year, there are too many new additions to the street cats family, and not enough funding. This year the cats are coming in to the feeding areas a month early as COVID meant that fewer tourists visited Croatia, and the volunteers rely heavily on their feeding efforts during the summer months.

It takes around 20kg of dry food a day to feed the cats, not to mention the vet bills and supplies for carrying out the TNR activities (Trap Neuter Release). Any help is much appreciated. At the moment just over 130 cats are being fed, but more are expected to appear as it's getting colder.

How do we know Koraljka and who is she?


I first got in touch with Koraljka a few years ago when we came across a litter of street cats in a dire situation in Croatia. We wanted to do all we could to help these cats and any others in a similarly fateful situation. After some research, we found Korajka. She lives on the island of Cres with her windsurfing rescue dog, Jeff, and countless kitties.

She’s a humble artist that very, very rarely asks for anything. She sells her art during summer months at a local fair, and uses the money to support herself and her furry protégés. I’ve been donating money to her since we first met. She pays for the cats’ food, vet bills and transport mostly from her own pocket.

She’s a vegan, a reader, a painter, and more recently, an art eacher for children from troubled backgrounds and corrective institutions.

You can follow Koraljka’s adventures, ups and downs, and other kitties on her Instagram:

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