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Credit and debit... What does this mean to me?

by Michael Allott in Eastwood Trading Estate, England, United Kingdom

Credit and debit... What does this mean to me?


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Credit cards and debit cards can be confusing for people with learning disabilities and autism - we'll teach people about the difference.

by Michael Allott in Eastwood Trading Estate, England, United Kingdom

I'm a 31 year old man on the autism spectrum; I work as a peer supporter for the Rotherham Learning Disability Service and use the other half of my working hours working for Speakup on lots of different projects. I like driving, walking and sometimes cycling and have a keen interest in music and cars. 

At Speakup, we aim to support people with learning disabilities, autism or both to lead a full and valued life. My vision is that everyone should be treated equally and that there should be far more jobs for disadvantaged people. At Speakup, we are passionate about paying people with learning disabilities and/or autism for the work they do. We educate and teach skills so that people can be as independent as possible. We support people to speak up and try to change services to be more inclusive.

Speakup is an organisation run by and for people with learning disabilities, autism or both - some of whom have enduring mental health difficulties. We do what it ‘says on the tin’. Through project work, we support people to be leaders and to speak up, so that people can live lives which are free from discrimination, fear and hardship. We value employment, work experience and friendship, supporting people to form circles of support around each other to lessen social isolation within communities. 

We know that credit and debit cards are confusing for people with learning disabilities. We will use the money to teach people the important difference between them and support people to stay out of debt. Through the COVID crisis, more and more people, organisations and retailers have been using cards instead of cash. It is important when using cards for people to keep an eye on the money they are spending, otherwise they may soon go into financial crisis. This project will teach people how to avoid this sort of crisis by enabling understanding of the difference between debit and credit cards. 

Let's make 'Credit and debit... What does this mean to me?' happen

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