Creative Paediatrics A and E Workshops

Creative Paediatrics A and E Workshops

Art workshops for children, aimed to reduce worry and anxiety whilst in hospital. Creating a healing environment for patients and visitors.

We did it!

On 25th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £165 with 8 supporters in 28 days

About Me

I'm passionate about helping others through art and as a hospital arts volunteer I help support the wellbeing of both children and adults. 

I've graduated in Grapic Design and work as a Community Artist in Birmingham where I encourage people to engage in artistic activities in community settings like museums, schools, libraries, community centres and events, enabling many different people to access the arts.  I've ran many craft sessions on the children’s ward and Paediatrics A & E. 

I also helped paint The Big Hoot owl Saltley Stories which along with 89 other individually designed owls transformed Birmingham streets and parks. The Big Hoot captured the imagination of everyone, with thousands exploring the colourful invasion. Our owl is now touring schools to teach children about local history. It's great using art to bring people together and raise money for charity.

"It provided an inspiring relationship between the city and the arts."

Aim of my Project

As a hospital arts volunteer I see how engaging in art creates a healing environment for patients, visitors and staff. Hospital can be scary as a child and so art is a distraction that takes patient's minds off their illness and promotes wellbeing, it's also an opportunity to try new crafts, develop skills and gain confidence. 

I want to help ease away any possible worry and anxiety for children and their parents by running more art workshops for families on the Paediatrics Emergency unit at Heartlands Hospital. The activities are a nice way for patients to come together in a fun way. 

"Creativity is everywhere but the opportunity to participate is not."

Your contribution will help fund . . . 

All sessions are free but funds are needed to buy materials so I can offer a range of different crafts each week from making sun catchers to bunting and weaving bracelets to card making, as well as cover some of my time. Any extra funds raised will allow more sessions to be held. 


Patient Testimonials from my workshops 

"I was so stressed before, this project has completly relaxed me, these sessions are therapeutic." 

"Thanks for visiting, these activities are great for us parents too, I feel no stress now." 

"This is such a great idea! I'm going to teach my friends how to weave bracelets, they'd love it!" 

"Last night I sat here crying, now with your visit I feel better. Can I take some art home with me?"

"The art helped my daughter forget about the pain from her opperation." 

"I'm a regular patient, your crafts help me hugely during an anxious time."

A parent from the Children's ward enjoying the art sessions.

"We're from Paris, my daughter doesn't speak English but this is something she can do & has enjoyed, thank you."

"Thanks for visiting, my daughter really needed something fun, we had a nice time." 

"I've had fun learning something I've never tried & thought I couldn't do." 

"This brings back fond memories of when I used to make rag rugs as a child." 

"I learnt something new & can share it. This was a great time and very fun." 

After the workshops

Patients take their crafts home, often they're inspired to continue crafting like weaving bracelets as gifts and teaching their friends how to make them too. 

If you're extremely generous or a company that would like to help children in hospital, please pledge. You'll make lots of children happy and with happy, healthy children in our community, the future looks brighter. 

Thank you

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