Creative liberation for the masses

Creative liberation for the masses

Help me improve the quality of my work in the hope to draw more people to collaborate with.

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I'm a London based artist, collaborating with local up and coming actors, dancers, musicians and other artists, to create inspiring and innovative photography. 

I currently make my work under the name The Ragman's Band, creating both photograhy and music, but I envision The Ragman's band becoming a cooperative group of artists working together to continually inspire and encourage one another.

I have always found creative motivation in nature, but since relocating from the north to London, I've become slowly influenced by what happens when these two worlds collide. I'm intruiged by what is considered elegant in fashion and would like to use this to highlight the elegance I've always found in nature . Ultimately I see myself shooting in Britain's most vibrant natural settings, juxtaposing nature and human beauty, whilst promoting our wealth of multi-cultural heritage.

I draw massively from the art and music of the sixties and seventies but whether or not this is evident in the work is another matter, however the zeitgeist of us all living creative lives is embeded in my soul. 

I am looking for funding for better photography equipment in the hope that increased quality of work will draw more people to collaborate with me. I currently shoot with a sony a58, with kit lenses (the ones that come along with it) which is a fine entry level camera but, i'm looking to take my work to the next level with a more professional camera and lenses.

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