Creating a car company for good

by Sonny in Horningsea, England, United Kingdom

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My dream: to buy a go kart so I can take it apart, then put it back together again. That will give me the skills to build an off road buggy

by Sonny in Horningsea, England, United Kingdom

I am 13 years of age. Ever since I was little I have loved mechanical things, particularly taking them apart and putting them together again. My vision is to create a car company which will [1] help the planet [2] help the community, by giving people jobs, by giving people loans or giving people cars so they can access places easier. When we are large enough we will expand to other countries and offer more services like supporting companies and charities which are doing great things like working with animals, the environment, or helping fellow human beings. Now you may be thinking how on earth will giving say 20 pounds towards building a go kart go to help famine in Kenya.

I build a go kart, I find out how it works. Then I  build cars, electric cars which DO NOT use lithium batteries (current practice leaves large crater size holes in Africa and other countries for a few tonnes of Lithium). As soon as I make money, the money will be used for good, as explained above. How's that for a game plan. There's so much I want to do and change in the world, this is just the beginning.

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