Creating opportunity for women one sale at a time

by Keri-Ann Stroud in Highwoods, England, United Kingdom

Creating opportunity for women one sale at a time
We did it
On 14th August 2019 we successfully raised £25 with 1 supporters in 56 days

Our mission is to create opportunity and change for women in the UK one sale at a time.

by Keri-Ann Stroud in Highwoods, England, United Kingdom

The story so far

Flower & Flame launched on 1st March 2018 offering ‘long life’ flowers and candles

that outperformed the industry standard product life span. The core product offering

consisted of:

Real flowers that last for up to two years – no watering or natural sunlight


Slow burning candles made with eco-friendly wax and the finest grade of essential

oils that burnt 50% slower than the commercially standard paraffin wax used in mass

produced candles

Within one year of trading, this one-woman business has  grown a loyal and engaged social and CRM audience of over 2,000 people from scratch (all whilst working another full-time job).

This year the Keri-Ann Stroud, Founder of Flower & Flame will take the next steps to

make this her full professional focus and is seeking investment required to scale this business from not only a commercial perspective but a point of social purpose also.

About the founder

Keri-Ann is a proud Welsh-Grenadian hybrid currently residing in Essex, United

Kingdom that has spent the past decade working in Marketing for some of the

biggest brands around (Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, Ferrero, and most recently

Lloyds Banking Group to name but a few), but long before that she was a self-gifting

addict who was constantly throwing out her bouquets and candles wondering why

in 2018, they couldn't last that little bit longer. That's when the idea for Flower &

Flame was first born!

Keri-Ann was shortlisted for the Essex Young Entrepreneur of the Year award 2018

and is the only woman to have ever received the Essex Young Entrepreneurs Network

award from Essex County Council.

What's next and why?

This year Flower & Flame will remodel its business and create

opportunity and change for women in the UK one sale at a time.

Our contributions and efforts will seek to drive positive change to address all of the

issues and inequalities highlighted below:

  • Only 1 in 3 UK entrepreneurs is female: a gender gap equivalent to 1.1 million missing

business to the UK economy

  • Men in the UK are five times more likely than women to build a business of £1

million+ turnover

  • UK Women launch businesses with 53% less capital on average than men
  • Only 1% of UK venture funding goes to businesses founded by all-female teams,

inhibiting scale up

  • 2 in 3 people on the national minimum wage are women
  • 1 in 3 girls in the UK have attempted self-harm and experience mental illness
  • 1 in 4 women have experienced domestic violence in their lifetime
  • It will take 80 years (16 elections) to achieve an equal number of women in Parliament
  • 2 in 3 people on the national minimum wage are women
  • 1 in 3 girls in the UK have attempted self-harm and experience mental illness
  • 1 in 4 women have experienced domestic violence in their lifetime 

This 2019, Flower & Flame will ENABLE, GIVE, and PROVIDE:


Flower & Flame will broaden its product portfolio and

become a re-seller to talented women who create

luxurious gifting and home-ware items that align with

the brand in terms of quality and principles.


Flower & Flame will create a digital content series

that is free and housed on the company website

offering advice and support for women in the UK on

all aforementioned matters. This will be promoted

across our CRM and social media platforms. Content

will range for offering tips for CV and business plan

writing right through to mindfulness tips to name

but a few key areas.


Flower & Flame will give back £1 from every sale to

women In the UK via partnering with ROSA, a charitable

fund set up to support initiatives that benefit women

and girls in the UK.

Rosa supports projects under four priority areas:

  • Leadership and representation
  • Safety
  • Health & Well being
  • Economic Justice

Operations - A female first affair:

True to the company mission statement, the Flower & Flame

operations plan will use an all-women approach

The processing, handling, packing and delivering of all products will

continue to be handled by Task Fulfillment, launched a decade ago

by Managing Director Susan Smith.

All Marketing,Website and PR efforts will be handled by Verri Berri.

CEO, Sarah Kauter launched this business and has an all-female

leadership team supporting.

The digital content series will feature an all-female guest editor

approach including Managing Director of Flower & Flame Keri-Ann

Stroud, A leading UK based female life coach, stress and well being specialist

and Sophia Holland Thomas a senior digital leader in the UK fashion



A re-brand to align the business tightly to the new company mission

will take place this year. Upon completion, A website over haul to

make as user friendly as possible will be

rolled out.

In terms of a promotional plan – year long SEO, CRM and social

media advertising investment and the development of a robust sales

funnel will be activated to drive regular sales as-well as recruiting

product creators.

The launch plan will use the aforementioned tactics as well as a

heavy weight investment in PR and influencers to share not only the

business launch but the wider social message around striving to

do more for women in the UK in all that we do.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward - FREE 9CL candle

1 x eco-soy candle from Flower & Flame and a social media 'thank you'

£50 or more

£50 Reward - FREE 30CL candle

An eco-luxe branded candle

£100 or more


ECO-LUXE branded candle - burn time 8 hours

£500 or more

£500 Reward - 10 FREE 30cl candles

10 FREE 30cl candles - exo-luxe

£1,000 or more



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