Creating Employment opportunities in my company

Creating Employment opportunities in my company

100% of funding recieved will go directly to the employment of new staff. Their training and wages

We did it!

On 1st Dec 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

My name is Adam and I am the owner of

I am currently in the posistion of acquiring new premises for my new online company. I am in the very early stages of this start up and it has become obvious to me that I need HELP!

I am fully self funded, but unfortunately I do not have a bottomless 'pit' of money, nor do I have 8 days a week and 25hrs in a day to accomplish everything that needs doing, and I need staff.

I simply cannot do everything myself and I'm looking to give 2-3 individuals the opportunity of employment within my company. 

I have 1 full time position available at my new location within Sleaford, Lincolnshire, and 2 opportunities for people able to work from home, with hours to suit them.

100% of the money I am asking for, will be used for recruitment, training, and wages. None of the amount received will be 'pocketed' for any other use. My gains will be, hopefully, increased productivity and therefore sales of my products. The better the business becomes the more I can and will reward my members of staff. 

With your help, I will be able to give people an opportunity for work and to earn a wage but also help my business grow and get off to the best possibly start. 

The main role of the job is, photographing items of stock to upload to our website ready for sale. It is fairly time consuming. In 3days I on my own have listed 60 products. I need to be listing around 300 per week just to keep on top of new stock arrivals!!!! 

With your help, we can give people the opportunity to work. And, hopefully as my company grows so will their careers.


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