by robert murray in Cartago, Cartago, Colombia

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To create a better cultural understanding and help raise global awareness of issues such as poverty and human rights issues in Colombia.

by robert murray in Cartago, Cartago, Colombia


This project addresses as one example the ‘unfair trade’ that exists for farming communities in Colombia. Agritourism as one alternative for improving the incomes and potential economic viability of small farms and rural communities. 

Who are we?

 Let’s Go Holidays is a sustainable tour company promoting education as a vital part of its tour experiences and raising issues around the good management of resources, fair trade, sustainability and responsible travel to natural areas in Colombia. Its purpose is to bring employment and encourage the preservation of traditional customs, handicrafts and festivals, to create a better cultural understanding and help raise global awareness of issues such as poverty and human rights issues.

Prior to emigrating to Colombia, I was running my own hospitality business in Scotland for 27 years. I am now 58 and have given employment to many people and seen the security that fair wages can bring. Coming into direct contact with those that not only receive the equivalent of £150 per month to live, farmers that receive less than the value for their crops and a society without any social security system, I wanted to find a way to raise awareness.

What are we trying to do? 

Through the voice of tourism, we want conscientious travellers to come and discover the many cultures that exist in Colombia and together make valuable contributions to their sustainability. 

Create better living conditions for many disadvantaged communities, 

provide direct financial benefits for the responsible conservation of the environment, encourage inclusion for people with disability in everyday activities, 

encouraging roles similar to their peers who do not have a disability, making sure that adequate policies and practices are in effect, leading to increased participation in socially expected life roles and activities—such as being a student, worker, friend, community member, patient, spouse etc.

 Why is this important? 

Together we can give hope to families, disadvantaged by a history of disturbing societal issues, self-respect, integrity and raise awareness of the cultural changes that now exist. The country is at peace, the people are probably the most, friendly you are ever likely to encounter anywhere in the world.

 How can we make this happen? 

This project requires conscientious travellers from around the world to visit and journey with us to raise the profile of Colombia as a tourism destination. We will ensure that investment into the country will benefit the people of Colombia by giving 100% of our net profits to those identified local projects. Bringing all of this together will help to make society as a whole better and more resilient. 

Please consider supporting our project, you will really have a profound impact on the lives of others. 

Thank you!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

£25 Reward

A replica Willys Jeep, a necessary 4-wheel drive vehicle to get to many remote farms and communities.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

A selection of 5 colourful patterned hand-made bracelets. Shipping included.

£100 or more

£100 Reward

5 kg of locally produced Colombian coffee. Shipping included.

£150 or more

£150 Reward

A traditional handcrafted Werrengue basket. Shipping included.

£200 or more

£200 Reward

A colourful handcrafted indigenous Wayuu bag. Shipping included.

£7,000 or more

£7000 Reward

Trip to visit our sustainable initiatives in Colombia for one week. See the impact that our tours are having in the support of small local farmers; indigenous communities and introducing the means for education, sponsorship and self-reliance; conservation projects and the replanting of trees and the restoration of natural places. Disabled inclusivity, free daily excursions and the implementing of technology adding value to their lives.

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