Creating Awareness For Local Charities

by Derek Richards in Crofton, England, United Kingdom


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The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for  small businesses and local charities, I am here to help.

by Derek Richards in Crofton, England, United Kingdom

I am working to make video accessible to individuals, small businesses and local charities. Since 2018, I have run a professional content production company, but after the devastation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, it came to me that charities need more help, a lot more than usual. 

Charities are suffering from reduced donations due to reduced fundraising activities because people have been on lockdown. At the same time demand for their valuable services has increased, with anxiety, abuse, job losses, poverty and many other socially devastating problems weighing on communities across the UK.

Despite the government’s pledge of £750 million of funding to help charities, community and voluntary organisations through the pandemic, it is unlikely to be enough for every charity to cover all their losses. So, I have created this project "Slam Tar" to dedicate a full year raising awareness for forty-eight small, local charities, causes and fundraisers.

Online video makes up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic and since the pandemic lockdown, this has increased significantly with homeworkers and video-on-demand services seeing a spike in usage. Additionally, video is rapidly taking over social media, generating some 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. When it comes to engaging audiences, video is king!

According to CharityComms, charities are increasingly keen to invest in video and a charity video benchmarking survey saw 74% of respondents claiming to see return on investment when choosing video content.

Despite these impressive returns, many grass roots groups and organisations cannot afford to capitalise on video, due to prohibitively high costs, with other professional video producers charging £2,000 or more, for a five minute video.

By supporting my project you will help me to disrupt the "videos for charities" marketplace. From as little as £59 a charity will be able to create a bespoke video to be used on their social media platforms and YouTube. But, it doesn't stop there, if I do reach my ultimate target then 48 of the most nominated charities will also be featured on a television show called "the wealth of our nation", which will be made available on Amazon Prime.


All I am asking you to do is make a pledge and add a comment as to which local cause you are supporting. Once you have done that, get out there and let your community know how they can join you and help their community.

Find out more: click here to visit Slam Tar


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