Create a star of the people !!!!

by Clive knowles in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Create a star of the people !!!!
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The aim of this project is for the nation not the X factor to create a pop/ rock star who has genuine incredible talent .

by Clive knowles in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

JAMES BELL X  YOUTUBE. ...WINNER OF GUITAR MAGAZINE YOUNG GUITARIST OF THE Year 2011... James bell is probably the best guitarist of his generation and was and is getting attention from some past and present music legends. ... His musical ambitions were put on hold last year when he contracted meningitis and nearly died. .... Lets get behind  him and show Simon Cowell and his cronies that genuine talent can be found and reach number one without his ridiculous show. ...James bell x plays guitar better than Clapton and page  and his original songs are brilliant too . Check out his recent track the capital on YouTube. ...


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

Percentage share plus signed A3 poster

Signed poster of our popstar james bell and a calculated percentage of profits from first album depending directly on size of donation

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