Say Goodbye to Non Recyclable Disposable Cups

by The Pure Option in Llanhilleth, Wales, United Kingdom

Say Goodbye to Non Recyclable Disposable Cups
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We don't like barriers so we want to bring to the world the first compostable and recyclable disposable cups. It's great for the planet.

by The Pure Option in Llanhilleth, Wales, United Kingdom

The Problem

The environment is now thankfully a well discussed topic, but most of the time the solutions put forward are about putting barriers in your way rather than offering socially acceptable solutions, a common solution to this problem is to make people use a reusable cup.

This is a solution that puts barriers in the way of the consumer and is only a partial solution as it solves part of the problem while adding new issues. 

It neither addresses the modern need for a convenience or addresses the environmental issue long term.

The big elephant in the room is most reusable cups are made from non recyclable plastics, so we are just temporarily avoiding an issue.

The Solution

We work differently we are always looking for the no barrier solutions , we don't believe that anyone should have to change their lifestyles or compromise convenience, so we researched and found the solution to the problem without compromising the convenience of a take-away cup or adding to the environment negatively.

So we have worked with some amazing organisations to find a solution which has led to to a now disposable cup that can be recycled and composted.

While reduces it's carbon footprint by 10.34kg per box for recycled or 38.1kg if it's composted and if it's composted it even adds positively to the environment  by turning into nutrient rich Earth Friendly™ compost ( which also removes the need for chemical based fertilisers on our agricultural land).

Who we are

We are a family business with the entire team being a member of the family and we were always responsible citizens but we were concerned about the plastic problem and we started looking at plastics as a problem long before it became fashionable (in 2003) as we felt it was a problem that no one was talking about.

So we talked and no one listened and then Blue Planet came along ( God bless David Attenborough for waking the world up) and now everyone is aware of the problem but most people don't know there's a solution.

We care about what we do and we now have replaced 500 single use products with an environmentally positive solution which has enabled us to have Europe's largest range of compostable and recyclable packaging products.

We care about making a difference, we don't describe ourselves as Eco Warriors but we do think of ourselves as concerned citizens who are determined to make a difference to the world, we take these values home with us.

Why a recyclable and compostable cup?

The world's waste collection industry is fragmented with some areas favouring recycling and other areas favouring composting ( which is in our opinion is the best environmental option as it gives back to nature) so a one glove fits all approach doesn't work in a national and international setting so the best solution is to create a cup that meets all the needs of all area while providing the best environmental performance.

How do you dispose of our Feed a Field cups?

It's all about making things easier , if someone wants to take them home and add them to their paper waste* or add them to their food waste* collections / home composter , the choice is all based around what's convenient and what works for the individual ( as we said we would always recommend composting, if you are interested we have added a bit more info at the bottom about this).

Creative disposal use - Another option is you can use our Feed a Field™ cups to create your own Plant a Cup™ ( see rewards below) to amuse your neighbours, flabbergast your class (if your a Teacher) and they make pretty excellent plant pots as they are made from plants so they slowly release nutrients into the soil for healthier plants.

Why we think it's important

Each year 16 billion plastic non recyclable cups are thrown away each year around the world and the most common solution is as mentioned,  to bring a reusable cup with you which is neither convenient or  environmentally positive.

So we just didn't like the solution as it's a barrier solution rather than a solution, we want people to be able to live their lives how they want to live their lives.

Disposable cups in numbers

1 in 400 disposable cups is recycled or composted in the UK.

 2.5 billion disposable cups are thrown away each per year.

500,000 are thrown away each day.

How does It work?

The cups are made from sustainable board that are either FSC or PEFC approved and lined with a plastic free barrier lining that meets the EU single use plastic directive so it's good for the environment and is designed to be easily recycled or composted.

The paper board and the lining are certified compostable to EU13432 which means they can be composted into nutrient rich compost in under 13 weeks in commercial compost facilities ( varies in home composters).

What we plan on doing with your donation

The technology behind these cups exist and is ready for manufacturing but our growth has been a blessing and a curse, as we spend more money on developing alternatives to single use plastic,  it effects our cash flow and slows down the momentum that we have achieved by creating these earth changing products,  so the money raised, after the rewards cost has been deducted will be used to bring this cup to market.

We care about what we do but doing the right things sadly has a cost and your donation / purchase of a reward really is going to change the world for the better.

The Rewards Part

We wanted to create a range of rewards that show you have made a difference and care about the planet.

Your donation will not only help us to make a difference but we will say a big thank you on our website so you can tell your friends and family that you have done something incredible.

A big thank you.

Appreciation goes a long way and even a small donation goes a long way to helping us to make a difference and gets us closer to saying "goodbye to non-recyclable disposable cups".

We don't just want your donation we will say thank you on our website and social media accounts telling the world that you " have helped to make a difference".


Get one of our stickers to stick to you window, your cat or anywhere you want and it tells the world you helped make a difference.

Plant a Cup

Our cups are so good for the planet we want to give you one of our compostable and recyclable cups to plant it in your garden ( we would also love it if you could send us your pictures to show on our social media pages @thepureoption).

We would love to see people hold a "Plant a Cup day".

UK donors will get a cup, instructions and seeds to plant your own cup.

Non UK donors we will send you a cup and instructions but due to international restrictions we will not be able to send any seeds (sorry it's not legal in some countries to send seeds).


I've made a difference Beanie made to fit all head sizes and keep your head warm.

Baseball Cap

I've made a difference black cap that tells everyone how fab you really are.


Personalised Cups

Your own Feed a Field™ 8oz double wall hot cups with your name on them telling everyone what a difference you have made (1000 cups).

Let us solve your plastic problems.

We haven't encountered a problem with any plastic made product that can't be fixed so we are happy to work with your organisation to create, research and find replacements for your plastic problem.

We can't guarantee a simple solution but we will use our network, research and knowledge to work with you to try and say "goodbye to your plastic problem".

We will donate two hours of our senior team's time to find a solution to your plastic problem.

And Finally

This last bit isn't really about the campaign but is more to do with the benefits of composting our cups , if your short of time or composting isn't for you, you can ignore this last part.

The following is set in an aspirational world and hopefully a world that is just around the corner, where we composted all our packaging and used it as a compost replacement.

1. Currently the UK produces 32.2 million tonnes of packaging waste which would replace all the peat in bags of compost which would save an estimated 630,000 tonnes of Co2 from being released in the atmosphere.

2. Composting a box of our Feed a Field cups saves this much carbon per box.

3. Compost is being used around the world to combat flooding and soil erosion.

4. Our cups have the following environmental and ethical benefits.

4. The list of environmental and health benefits to natural compost on our lands replacing chemical fertilisers is so long I have added a quick link, click here.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£12 or more

Plant a Cup Kit & Sticker

Our cups are so great for the planet that you can plant them and make compost. We will send you a cup, instructions and some seeds to grow your own plant cup ( we would love it if you could send us a picture once it's grown and we will feature it on our website). Please note that we can only send seeds in the UK due to shipping restrictions so international donations will receive one of our Feed a Field™ cups and instruction without the seeds.

£1 or more

A Big Thank You

You can make a difference by donating as little as £1 and we will personally thank you on our website. Impress your family and friends by showing them you have Made a Difference.

£5 or more

I've Made a Difference Sticker

Show the world you have made a difference with our sticker, which can be stuck to anything you feel like. They are stickers after all

£5 or more

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Plant a Cup Kit

Our cups are so great for the planet that you can plant them and make compost. We will send you a cup, instructions and some seeds to grow your own plant cup ( we would love it if you could send us a picture once it's grown and we will feature it on our website). Please note that we can only send seeds in the UK due to shipping restrictions so international donations will receive one of our Feed a Field™ cups and instruction without the seeds.

£18 or more

I've Made a Difference Beanie

One of our comfortable and warm "I've made a difference" Beanie.

£25 or more

I've Made a Difference T-shirt & Sticker.

Get one of our amazing and we think artistic "I've made a difference T-shirts" with one of our stickers. Please make certain when you check-out that you add your size.

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Limited Edition I've Made a Difference Baseball Ca

This is a one off design and we only have 250 of them and they come with the none standard white "I've Made a Difference" cup.

£75 or more

T-Shirt. Sticker, Plant a Cup & Choose a Hat

One of our amazing t-shirts, Plant a Cup Kit, Sticker and a choice of hat. Don't forget to add your T-shirt size and choice of hat during checkout.

£250 or more

Let us work to end your plastic problem

Our senior team will work with you to find replacements for your single use plastics and we will work to find solutions and use our expertise and network to find natural replacements that are good for the planet so you can say "goodbye to single use plastics".

£275 or more

Your own Personalised Feed a Field™ Cups

We will get 1000 Feed a Field™ cups with a personalised message showing how you have helped to make a difference. These cups will be personalised for you and will tell the world you helped to make a difference. Please note extra delivery charge apply for shipping outside the UK due to the weight of this item.

£295 or more

Your own Customised Feed a Field™ Cups

We will get a box of Feed a Field™ cups with your own design. You will be offered a heavily discounted amount if you want to order more in the future. Please note that there is some limitation on designs but we will work with you to get this right for you. Please note extra delivery charge apply for shipping outside the UK due to the weight of this item.

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