Create a home for a much deserved friend

by Jordan in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Create a home for a much deserved friend
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I'm aiming to raise money for my best friend of 7 years, who from a teenager has raised her brother and battled her way through selflessly.

by Jordan in Bristol, England, United Kingdom


So my name is Jordan and I've set up this page as a surprise for my best friend Laura. Let me tell you the story of how I got here to ask for your help...

So I met Laura back in 2011, from the word go we got on like a house on fire, she has been the bestest friend anyone could wish for. From 17 years old her mum left and moved out of their family home on her birthday of all days, things were hard it left Laura her dad and younger siblings.

 At the age of 19 Laura's dad also left and moved away. From 19 she stepped up and began to take great care for her younger brother, making sure he would be up in time for school, washing his clothes, cooking him dinner, paying the bills, looking after the family dog, she took on the role of a mum without making a fuss. Making sure he had clothes and food and a roof over his head at the most important years of his childhood as he grew into a teenager. There were many days she would call me up in tears, she would be angry, frustrated, sad yet would still get up each morning and go to her full time job, after every bill was paid she never had any money for herself, her teenage years were taken from her without anyone thinking of her and what she would like to do. 

Fast forward to today and she still lives at home, her brother is growing up into a fine young gentleman and has the greatest respect for her and what she has done. But day after day she is facing more and more problems. She took a loan out for home improvements (essential) the roof above the bathroom was starting to dip and needed replacing, the drains being blocked and more money thrown at that, electrics for the whole house needed changing as it became dangerous, the floorboards in the kitchen needing replacement, garden needing love and attention, the house is in need of drastic change and she is up to her eyes in debt trying to keep the roof over their heads. 

She is now 26 and hasn't stopped being a mum to her brother and has always put others first, she deserves a break, she deserves a home that is safe and a garden she can relax in, somewhere to be proud of. 

So here I am asking for any small amount you can afford, I want to be able to just make everything ok for her and make a house a home, she is an amazing person who is so giving and I want to be able to give something back to her for all she has done and all the lives she has changed. 

Thank you for reading and I hope together we can raise the funds to transform her home. 

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