What really matters in life? #HappierWorld

We've created a course that helps people become happier and more caring. Help us bring it to everyone, everywhere.

We did it!

On 25th Oct 2015 we successfully raised £100,938 of £35,000 target with 874 supporters in 35 days

New stretch target


We've hit our minimum target. Now we have just a few days left to raise £100,000. Help us make this happen.

The support that has flooded in for our mission through this campaign has been amazing and we now have over 1300 people who want to run the course.

When we started this campaign we had just 300 volunteers signed up to run courses in their communities.

The challenge is Action for Happiness is a tiny organisation with just one full-time person and a handful of wonderful volunteers working flat-out because they believe in this opportunity to make the world a better place.

Reaching our minimum target means we can start making courses happen, but to match the increasing demand we have to go a step further. To do it we need your support

We've created a course that helps people become happier and more caring. Help us bring it to everyone, everywhere.

"As patron of Action for Happiness I am delighted to see the work being done by members of this movement to create a happier and more caring society. I wholeheartedly support the ‘Exploring What Matters’ course and hope that many thousands of people will benefit from it and be inspired to take their own action to help create a happier world"

~ His Holiness The Dalai Lama

Why Action for Happiness?

The modern world bombards us with misleading ideas about how to live a happy life. We're told to chase money and get more stuff, but we end up living stressed and lonely lives as a result.

Action for Happiness is a movement of people taking action to change that. 

Since we got started in 2011 we've helped over 100,000 people take practical action for a happier world in their homes, workplaces, schools and local communities - all based on the latest evidence of what really works.

Now we've developed a course to help thousands of people focus on what really matters. We are raising £100,000 to get it where it is needed most. 


What's the course?

Our course, called Exploring What Matters, brings together people of all backgrounds to explore what really matters in life.

Based on the latest psychological research, each session explores a 'big question' such as  What actually makes us happy?, How should we treat others? and How can we create a happier world?

Exploring What Matters is run over 8 inspiring and interactive sessions which take place weekly and last for 2 hours, each one including:

  • Mood boosters: simple activities that are great for wellbeing
  • Expert view: an inspiring 15 minute TED-style video/talk from a leading expert (including Richard Layard, Ed Diener, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Karen Armstrong, Brene Brown)
  • Personal view: a chance for people to reflect on their own experiences
  • Did you know?: fascinating and surprising research findings relating to the theme
  • Group discussion: sharing ideas in groups and listening to each other's perspectives
  • Action ideas: everybody comes away with an action they hope to take as a result

   Find out more about the course.

How does the course help people?

Exploring What Matters helps people by providing a safe community in which they can explore the deeper questions of life, supported by inspirational guidance from experts and opportunities to take action in the wider world.

We really wanted to make sure this course works.That's why it is all based on the latest scientific evidence and measured the course using validated scales, whcih showed a very positive impact on wellbeing.


The results show that this course helps people:

  • Reconnect to what really matters in their lives
  • Feel happier overall
  • Have closer and more caring relationships
  • Be more trusting in the world 



What do people say about it?

"I wouldn’t be where I am now without Action for Happiness and their 8-week course. I still have bad days and life certainly isn’t perfect. But it has really helped me so much. Now I’m trying to be the change that I want to see"

~ Jasmine Hodge-Lake

'I hadn't been very happy at work for a while and not really taken the time to think about how that was affecting me or what I could do to change that. By doing things like tuning in, watching the Ted Talks and discussing with the rest of the group, I realised that I hadn't actually talked to anyone at work about how I was feeling. This gave me the confidence to ask my boss for a review of my role and create an action plan.'

~ Helen Thompson


"Long after completing the course, so many of the great things that I picked up during those enjoyable weeks still remain with me. The inspiring conversations with all the wonderful people I met and the useful information I gained, made attending the Action for Happiness course one of the most worthwhile things I've ever invested my time in."

~ Anh Nguyen


What's the plan?

We want to make this course available to people all over the world.

We have had hundreds of people write to us asking if they can run Exploring What Matters for their community. But at the moment, we simply don't have the resources to support them. If we could say yes to just these volunteers the impact round the world could be huge.

Map of Action for Happiness Members worldwide (57,092 - September, 2015)

To offer this course we need to provide training for our volunteers and give them tools and materials to run the courses effectively.

We also want to be sure that everyone has the chance to be on the course no matter what their financial circumstances. Your support can help us do that.   

What do we need?

We need to raise £100,000 to bring Exploring What Matters to the people who need it most.


These funds will be used to: 

  1. train up volunteers to run the course all over the world
  2. provide the materials and tools they need to deliver it
  3. directly support people that would otherwise not be able to be there.

Why crowdfund for it?

We're serious about rolling out this course in a way which that helps create a happier world. If we were to secure private investment and make the course for-profit we'd end up having to charge hefty upfront costs that would make it unavailable (unaffordable) to many of the people that need it most.

Instead we're going to run it not-for-profit using the wonderful energy of our volunteers, donations from participants and the generosity of the crowd to get it off the ground.

How can you help?

1. Make a pledge

We need to reach our funding goal before the time is up. So if you'd like to see this course change lives in a community you care about, please pledge to make it happen - every pledge will count.


£10 - SHOUT OUT: Thanks, we love you and we’ll tell everyone by thanking you personally on the Exploring What Matters page! Plus you’ll be first to know about courses happening near you!


£20 - SUPPORTER: We'll send you our supporter pack containing: 10 Keys to Happier Living booklet, 25x 10 Keys postcards for your friends, an Action for Happiness badge and a limited edition #HappierWorld T-shirt! Plus we'll give you the SHOUT OUT reward too!


£100 - SUPER CHAMPION: Both you and a friend will have a place on the Exploring What Matters course* and we'll send you a hard copy of our 100+ page Exploring What Matters book right away. Plus we'll throw in all the SUPPORTER rewards too! (*As soon as we have volunteer support in your area)


£250 - FRIEND OF ACTION FOR HAPPINESS: As a friend you'll have exclusive access to Action for Happiness events anywhere in the world for a year! We'll also name you personally in the Exploring What Matters book and send you one.


£500 - GURU: You get a tailored 2 hour talk / workshop / coaching session from one of our many happiness experts in a school / office / home of your choosing*. We'll also name you personally in the Exploring What Matters book and send you one. (*Covers UK travel only. International travel costs may be met by pledger.)



£1000 - FRIEND FOR LIFE: As a friend for life you'll have lifetime access to Action for Happiness events anywhere in the world and we'll invite you for a personal meeting with the Action for Happiness team. We'll also name you personally in the Exploring What Matters book and send you one.



£3000 - SUPER GURU: You get a tailored 2 hour talk or workshop from Action for Happiness Director, Dr Mark Williamson. Plus a named thank you in the course book. (*Covers UK travel only. International travel costs may be met by pledger.)



£5000 - HERO: You'll be an official Happiness Hero - listed on our website alongside the Dalai Lama - and be invited to join the Action for Happiness team and board members for a personal lunch meeting. We'll also make you a FRIEND FOR LIFE and include associated rewards.


£10,000 - MEGA HERO: You're a supreme Happiness Hero - listed on our website alongside the Dalai Lama. You are invited to join the Action for Happiness team and board members at meetings to help shape our movement. We'll also make you and someone of your choice a FRIEND FOR LIFE including associated rewards.

P.S. You can always pledge more money than the pledge tier if you like, so if you're feeling especially generous you could pledge £500 for the £250 level if you wish, or even choose not to receive a reward. It's up to you.

2. Spread the word

Spread the word on Facebook [pre-share link] and Twitter [pre-share link] by sharing the website: www.createahappierworld.com and #HappierWorld. Emailing it to friends and loved ones is also awesome!

3. Get in touch

If you have any questions or ideas of how we can make this crowdfunder really take off, please get in touch!

Email: HappierWorld@actionforhappiness.org

Thank you!

The Action for Happiness team


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