Cray Rec Pavilion

Cray Rec Pavilion

To refit the football pavilion after the fire

We did it!

On 26th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £380 with 12 supporters in 14 days

Our football pavilion in St Mary Cray Rec Orpingtnon has suffered a fire caused by a burnt out stolen scooter being dumped outside community area that we had been spending time and money refurbishing is now a shell and the changing rooms and showers are smoke damaged. We need to fit new lights, flooring and fire doors  plus some stud work then re paint the insides the external metal doors so need some repairs (welding ) so that  football can take place again. As the only available place locally for grass roots adult teams to play football in an environment that suits them we desperately need your help. The . We need the money for materials and hopefully some labour also looking for professionals who might be able to offer us their help, builder, welder, electrician, we have willing volunteers to help. we have two weeks to get the ground back up and running so that football can re start.

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