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A Sensory & Nurture Room For Relaxation At School

by Cranbourne Nurture Sensory Room in Winkfield, England, United Kingdom


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To help improve the children's physical and mental well being by providing a calm, relaxing environment for comfort and support.

by Cranbourne Nurture Sensory Room in Winkfield, England, United Kingdom

Our Sensory Nurture Room Story

Some background:

After many years in the corporate world and working hard, running my own business, I am fortunate to be in a position to take time to give back to the community. Whilst working in London, the large company I worked for had a relaxation hub for all employees to escape to, when they needed a well-earned breather and time to reflect and unwind. This proved very effective to help employees stay focused on what was very often stressful, long days at work.

When my daughter started her primary education at Cranbourne Primary School, near Windsor, at the age of 5, it was a huge step for her to be away from us and suddenly in a busy, energetic environment where there was a constant flow of lively children and the expectation for her to cope through this busy school day. 

When working with the PTA and on various other projects at school, we noticed that the children would really benefit from a similar space like I had at my work place. 

Community Support:

We were fortunate enough to have another parent who works with the local community and schools, providing mindfulness, relaxation and meditation classes. Her name is Marie O'Brien and she is fabulous at what she does. Marie too works on a voluntary basis at Cranbourne and comes into school to carry out work shops with the children. The children love her. This has proven to be highly beneficial, especially at times of anxiety with tests and exams. 

We would love to have this sensory, nurture room as a space to be able to continue these classes with Marie and for the children to take what they have learnt and use this space when they need to. 

Other local companies have supported us with donations as they really see the benefit of this space helping the children’s development.

Why We Feel We Need This Room: 

With the ever increasing number of children in society who struggle with anxiety and sadly the lack of support from the Mental Health Service, due to their financial pressures, we feel we should provide the very best to support these children. We have children at our school with special needs, higher levels of anxiety and learning challenges. For those children who find coming to school a huge effort, this room could be used as a calming focal point and for them to start their day and slowly work on the transition into class, once they feel relaxed and able to do so.

This space can also be used by Teachers/Teaching Assistants who can spend quality time with children who struggle to learn and need more one to one attention, where they can focus on their reading and studies in a more relaxed environment. At the moment, they sit in a corridor which has a busy flow of people, so not an ideal relaxing environment for learning.

We have many ideas for this space. One of those is to create a social club in this area, so children of all ages can sit and interact. As a result, we have been successful in raising some funds from the local community and have bought educational magazines, comics and books. The older ones are given the chance to offer the younger ones guidance and support, and from experience they flourish when given this opportunity.  

How Can A Sensory Room Help Children?

This sensory, chill out space will provide physical and mental stimulus for children and help them develop and encourage independence. Sensory stimulation can engage different areas of the brain, helping children absorb and retain more information and so better meeting the needs of the individual child. This environment can be highly absorbing, providing a moment of comfort and calm for overactive and stressed children and helping inactive children to feel more engaged and provide a clear focus.

How Will We Spend The Money Raised?:

 Furniture - comfy chairs, tables, floor cushions & bean bags

Sensory equipment such as lamps, visual wall picture lighting, soft play objects, aroma equipment, interactive wall panel

New floor pads 

A speaker and necessary wiring work for calming music to be played

A sensory style rug for a seating area to read and relax 


All children deserve the very best start in life and by adding this relaxation area, we feel it will support them and help with their general physical and mental well being. It also gives parents the peace of mind to know that their children are receiving the best care whilst they are away from them.

Please support us so we can continue to provide the very best for our children at Cranbourne Primary School. Thank you.




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