Craikie's Crowd

Project by Craikie's
Craikie's Crowd

To create an event venue primarily focused on Weddings but with aspirations to engage and develop on-going projects with the local community

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Craikie's Crowd

A Hub Of Creative Activity.

Northbank Farm is lying empty and it would make a stunning, scenic event venue, including weddings.  We hope that it would become a "hub of creative activity" within the local community.  

The Story So Far . . . 

As award-winning wedding planners, we have been looking for a venue to give back to the community and help train the next generation for a while.  As luck would have it we stumbled across the most perfect venue, bang in the middle of the central-belt.  Not only is it ideal for all weddings and events, it's ideal for a whole host of community based and educational projects.  

The Vision

Our vision is to create a warm, inviting, rustic space where we can motivate the next generation, give back to the community and inspire all budding wedding planners and photographers.  Having a space to train future wedding professionals whilst offering a cost-effective wedding in a scenic location with views of Forth, the Bridges and the Wallace monument.

What we'll use the money for

It will guarantee our first year's rent, whilst helping to renovate stage one of the barn and setting up a legacy for the future.  

Who can invest?

- Anyone over 16 can invest.  

- All donations welcome, but minimum of £10 is appreciated.  

- See our list of investments on the right hand side.  

The Benefits For You

You can join Craikie's crowd for a year (2018-2019) for £25.  This means that you would get priority booking for any events held at Craikie's and a welcome drink to any event you come to.  

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