Camborne Foodbank XMAS Covid Appeal

by Transformation CPR Foodbank in Camborne, England, United Kingdom


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Raising vital funds to allow Redruth, Pool & Camborne Foodbank to deal with the increased demand across Cornwall due to Covid19

by Transformation CPR Foodbank in Camborne, England, United Kingdom

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Sara Masson 14th January 2021

It's so shocking that so many people in this (affluent) country do not have enough to eat. There should not be this inequality. But given that it exists, and so many people who voted Conservative are happy for it to continue to exist, what you are doing is so worthwhile. All best Sara and Andy

Louise Spink 31st December 2020

I was so moved by watching you and your amazing effort on Simon Reeve's Cornwall programme that I wanted to help in whatever way that I could. What you do for your community is truly amazing, and humbling. You are a real inspiration to all of us.

Suzanne Hargrave 31st December 2020

Been meaning to do this for ages, last chance this year, so thought I ought to get on with it. Think it is fantastic what you are doing. Best wishes to you all.

Martin Widman 24th December 2020

Seeing the deprivation in towns that were so vibrant in the past broke my heart. I am so lucky to have food on my table this Christmas so I hope my small donation will help this valuable charity keep doing what it does. Keep up the good work.

Gillian Ann Renfrew 23rd December 2020

I was born and brought up in Tuckingmill, went to Roskear Primary School and Camborne Grammar School. This is my opportunity to remember my roots and to show support for all fellow Cornish men and women, particularly those within my 'home town '.

Andrew Toy 23rd December 2020

Hi - I needed to make a donation as a thank you. My cousin in the Midlands saw the appeal on breakfast tv, and called up to get a food parcel to my dad, who's 86. We lost mum a few years ago, and my cousin didn't realise I was here (I live in Cheltenham, but came down to visit dad over xmas), so arranged a parcel for him, thinking he was alone. I'd actually done the shopping yesterday, and when the parcel arrived, saw how much was supplied by you guys, I couldn't live with myself if I didn't at least try to cover the cost. (We're not in need like a lot of people out there.) So apologies, I hope the donation helps, and we've told family to call first to check we're alright!

Chloe West 23rd December 2020

Hello guys, rural poverty still doesn't get the attention it should. During lockdown I researched my family history & found a bunch of ancestors from Cornwall & Scilly, so I'm sending some love back. Merry Christmas and wishing you & all those you support, better times ahead. Love, Chloe x

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