CPD Partners Ltd BB-ONE's UK & Europe distributor

by justyn poppitt in Bramley, England, United Kingdom

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CPD Partners Ltd are focused on running a profitable family business distributing BBONE products in the UK & Europe.

by justyn poppitt in Bramley, England, United Kingdom

I have been running my own business in the UK construction industry for approx 30yrs, the business was able to employ most of my immediate family, we have experienced some highs & lows with recession and downturns in the economy, recently we had a detrimental financial  hit from a few contractors (1 begins with C? ) forcing us to cease trading, and subsequently putting my immediate family out of work, the whole experience has been like a tumbling house of cards, vacating offices along with our house, relocating and trying to rebuild something for all members of the family, My wife has worked as a specialist hairdresser within the beauty industry for about 20 yrs  and whilst helping her searching for products & accessories  I stumbled across a company : Brarus Cosmetics who had some revolutionary new salon accessories along with a new range of specialist hair treatment products which were being produced for the European market, after a few conversations and many emails I managed to secure exclusive distribution rights for the UK & Europe which requires us to market the products, and subsequently attract trainees to train in one of our national academies building the brand whilst taking full advantage of our regular marketing campaigns.

We aim to offer excellent Customer service promoting the and honoring next day deliveries on all products satisfying our

customers demands.

CPD Partners plan to rent a central warehouse distribution facility in Leeds, West Yorkshire as the

UK hub for Brarus Cosmetics & the brand BBONE, We plan to employ 3 more customer service

staff by March 2019 to efficiently deal with our customers needs.

The brand will be sold to trained technicians who will be trained in one of our our national hosted BBONE

training academies, the all trained technicians with of help our ongoing support purchasing the hair

treatments 6-10 times a year. The beauty industry is something that my wife & daughters are both familiar with and deeply interested in, The brand BB-ONE is owned and operated by Brarus cosmetics who have given me a great opportunity To build this Brand and speak to individual and a national network of trained technicians to cope with demand. 

Due to the collapse of My previous business funds are in short supply putting it mildly.

The growth potential of this brand in the UK alone is huge and once the model is built we can replicate this in various countries in Europe, we are currently all working the business every day slowly but surely building the business, if we could secure some additional funding the pace of growth could increase whilst we put the infrastructure in place to supply the customers demands.


CPD partners will approve approximately 20 Salons throughout the Uk to become CPD/BBONE

training academies therefore building the brand and customers through our raining partnership


The Product

CPD Partners Ltd offer the wholesale distribution of Brarus Cosmetics latest hair treatment brand

BB-ONE, we also offer training & accessories to individuals who wish to build the brand in their

locality and build a profitable business.

The Target Market

Our target market is primarily hairdressers, salon owners or individuals who want to train at a BBONE

academy and subsequently offer the hair treatment services to the end user.

Pricing Strategy

BB-ONE have superior quality hair treatment products which are competitively priced offering a

cost saving with better results. We also have a premium range of hair treatment suitable for

nationwide salons groups who offer a high end service.

The Competitors

There are a number of competitors in the Uk offering similar specialist hair treatments, these

companies only offer a limited range of products whereas BBONE offer Keratin products made

with natural ingredients to suit any hair type along with various hair repair systems & aftercare

shampoos & conditioners and treatment specific accessories only available from BB-ONE.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

Specialist Keratin hair treatment

A revolutionary keratin hair treatment, Botox, Keratin or Nanoplastica carried out at our training academy by My wife Sharon includes a gift pack of aftercare shampoos & conditioners.

£225 or more

The BBone Salon professional Air purifier Capture

The BBone Salon professional Air purifier Capture System distributed exclusively by CPD Partners Ltd is a revolutionary cost efficient portable hair salon ventilation appliance that is a must in any keratin stylist’s arsenal. This new hair salon air ventilation system is built to protect the breathing zones of hair stylists and create a comfortable environment for both the stylist and your client. RRP £450.00 www.bbone.uk

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