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by Jem Henderson in Harrogate, England, United Kingdom

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Indieworx Collective is a socially minded co-working space in Harrogate set up to support digital and creative businesses across the area.

by Jem Henderson in Harrogate, England, United Kingdom

Indieworx Collective is a coworking space and innovation hub in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. We opened in November 2018 and now have 30 members from all sorts of sectors; from designers and writers, to yoga teachers, to internet of things and artificial intelligence experts! We're looking for support as we grow, with more space needed to fulfil our dreams of supporting young people with digital skills and building on our existing links with local universities to offer high quality education up to degree level in the centre of Harrogate.

What is Indieworx Collective?

Indieworx Collective is a social enterprise which works with the business and startup community locally to support them with desk space, events, business support workshops and mentoring. We’re all about being ethical and open, helping the community grow into a thriving business hub, supporting local charities and creatives as well as tech and digital businesses. We want to support people are they grow their businesses from idea, to launch and then beyond, hopefully starting the big companies of the future.

We are working with mostly early stage startups that will be playing a part in the future of Harrogate's economic success, as well as freelancers and small established businesses looking to move out of their spare rooms and into a fun, laid back office environment. 

At Indieworx Collective, we encourage businesses to support one another with peer-led workshops, regular events and socials to encourage a culture of sharing and growing. Using a mixture of open plan offices, village green and breakout areas, meeting rooms and private offices, we’ve built a space where people come to work hard, to socialise, to find a supporter, a mentor, someone to help with their issue and find working solutions to their problems.

We also want to support young people in the town by running coding clubs aimed at teaching them real digital skills which will set them up for the jobs of the future. We're currently only educating 1 in 20 young people with the technical and digital skills they will need for the jobs of the future. Innovation hubs like Indieworx Collective are a fantastic environment to encourage those that might not want to go to university, giving them the expertise they need to start in the world of work with the talents that employers are looking for.

The space we’re in is a former shop which had been empty for a number on months. Just out of the town centre and close to rail and bus links as well as having its own car park, we’ve taken a place which was going unloved and unused and turned it into a fun creative hub which has already welcomed Taylor’s of Harrogate and Light Start Apps to run brainstorming events and design workshops here.

We’re working with Leeds Beckett University who will be running business development workshops designed to take people from initial idea through to starting and running their own business.

Why was Indieworx Collective set up?

IndieworX Collective was born of the frustration of not finding suitable environments to work in, whether noisy cafes having too many distractions or poor WiFi coverage out of the house, or simply struggling to have valid communication with anyone other than the cat for days at a time when working from a home office.

Indieworx Collective was also created to help develop and grow the economy. Every morning, our clever and hardworking professionals jump in their cars and on the train and go to Leeds, York and Manchester. Trying to lure new colleagues over to Harrogate from these places can be a real challenge. For those of us with kids that live in Harrogate, it doesn’t feel like there’s much opportunities for them here as they enter the workforce.

In 2017, Harrogate Borough Council put out their Economic Growth Strategy. This discussed the need for more office space, with Harrogate losing 21% of its office space since 2013. We hope to overcome some of the challenges that were laid out in this document including:

Below average workplace earnings

Daily export of many high earning residents

Limited supply of good quality modern office space in the appropriate locations

Indieworx Collective is meeting these challenges by supplying a space in which businesses can start, develop and grow, supported by key learnings from their peers, with events and workshops, and with tailored support from a team of experienced business leaders.

Why are you crowdfunding?

The unexpected loss of expected grant funding of £12,500 has meant that we are now seeking local support in getting through the first 12 months. We are looking for support from £5 up to £5000 to support our aims. The money will be used to give us working capital, supporting the growth of the company as we welcome more members through the door. We’re very lucky to have low overheads and this means that more of the money that we make can be reinvested into the space to keep it a vibrant and interesting place to work.

There’s also a whole floor going unused currently. The plan is to turn it into an innovation hub, running programmes which help the local community and beyond with disruptive digital and tech. Extra funding will also help us to get this open and our programme of innovation activities started sooner.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£12 or more

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£12 Reward - A day at Indieworx

Come and work for the day in our lovely welcoming space. We've got everything a freelancer needs, from fast Wi-Fi to excellent coffee. For you, a friend or sponsor a member. 25% off our usual pricing as well! Can be redeemed in the next six months.

£5 or more

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£5 Reward

A super snazzy Indieworx Collective branded pen along with our endless gratitude and thanks on our social media.

£18 or more

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£18 Reward - Bamboo reusable coffee cup

A super snazzy Indieworx Collective reusable coffee cup. Made of bamboo. Each year, 100 billion single use coffee cups end up as landfill. Why not use one of these instead?

£25 or more

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£25 Reward - Invite to our private party

An invite to our party! We've working with a local brewery to produce a collaboration beer (code name: hopdesking). Rock out at the launch of this with the members of the Collective.

£30 or more

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£30 Reward - A bag for all your stuff

Bring your laptop to work in a cool Indieworx Collective laptop bag. Enough space for all your work stuff.

£35 or more

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£35 Reward - Three days at Indieworx

Three days working in our coworking space for a freelancer or small business. Either for you or pay it forward for one of our members. 25% off our usual pricing as well! Can be redeemed in the next six months.

£40 or more

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£40 Reward

Rent the boardroom for half a day for meetings, presentation, workshops. Includes membership foo the year to the Collective.

£45 or more

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£45 Reward - All our snazzy gear!

Get one of everything - the pen, the bag, and the resuable bamboo coffee cup.

£50 or more

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£50 Reward - Writing for business workshop

Working with our founder Jem Henderson, an experienced copywriter, you'll learn the secret to writing better content for your business.

£50 or more

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£30 Reward

Use Indieworx Collective as your registered address for the year and become a member with access to our drop-in and boardroom.

£90 or more

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£90 Reward - Join us for a month PT membership

One month part time membership in the space (plus one of our pens). 25% off our usual pricing as well! Can be redeemed in the next six months.

£200 or more

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£200 Reward - One month with us at Indieworx

One month full time in the coworking space. Come hang out with the gang and get to know everyone.

£250 or more

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£250 Reward

Use Indieworx as your registered address for the year and have all your post sent here, stored in a private locker for you to collect. Membership included.

£1,500 or more

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£1500 - innovation advisory session

£1500 will get you a two hour consulting session with local business Innosis. These guys will help you with a business problem or opportunity, providing advice and ideation techniques to support new product/service development, digital transformation or problem-solving. Innosis have worked with businesses throughout Europe, Australia and the USA on transforming workplaces and applying creative thinking to challenges

£2,400 or more

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£2400 Reward

One year in the space. Saving yourself 25% on our usual costs. You can also pay it forward by buying this for one of our members.

£5,000 or more

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£5000 Reward

Aimed at the corporate market, we're looking for partners in digital marketing, the legal sector and accountancy to be our member supplier. Your information will be handed out with our membership pack and you'll be the provider of choice with your logo displayed in our reception area and at all our events.

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