Cow & Apple

We're taking over a cafe in the centre of town to open a brand new restaurant, injecting some life and passion into the heart of Yeovil.

We did it!

On 3rd May 2016 we successfully raised £3,845 of £2,500 target with 103 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

WOW. We made the original target. Thank you. Our stretch target will allow us to invest further on the interior design and kitchen to allow us to deliver an even better dining experience.


Cow & Apple project update from Ed Ovenden on Vimeo.


We're taking over a cafe in the centre of town to inject some life and passion into the heart of Yeovil. Our food is focused around the humble burger with loads of delicious bits as a supporting roll. Our other big focus is cider with the best in artisan cider makers from the area. With your help we can add the finishing touches that we might not be able to stretch to.


We've found a butcher that is able to provide us with our specially-selected cuts of Red Ruby Beef. The award winning butchers, Alastair and Phil, carefully select Red Ruby from the farm to ensure consistently juicy and tender meat.


Our ciders will cover the taste of all customers. We will be serving cider from all of the best local producers, including still ciders from the smallest family run shacks to the more popular sparkling flavoured brands. 


Cow & Apple is an energetic, inviting restaurant designed to make our customers feel as if they are part of a popular, quality place to eat, drink and enjoy themselves. The energy and atmosphere of the restaurant is high, and draws some of its power from the energy of those that serve you. By offering an exciting and rewarding experience for our customers, Cow & Apple and our service oriented approach will be immediately embraced by those that love dining out!


We are all born and raised in the town of Yeovil and have decided that there is no better place to offer the delights of burgers and cider. We are a family run restaurant with a passion for providing good, friendly service.  


Our restaurant will open from lunch until late every day. The decor and theme is based on a barn / warehouse environment with pallet wood on the walls. The lights come way down, customers enjoy a vibrant atmosphere and a discount on certain food and drinks during lunch. We will look at offering private dining facilities for large group events and full catering services in the future! Visitors to our website will find information on upcoming events, specials, catering and gift voucher information. Site members will also get a daily spin for the chance to win free stuff. 



For those on the run looking for a quick lunch pit stop or dinner on the way home from work. We have it covered. Our entire menu is available for take out.

Our menu

This is roughly speaking what the menu will be looking like. It's making me hungry already!

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