Help Covid-Bereaved Families Campaign & Save Lives

Help Covid-Bereaved Families Campaign & Save Lives

Help Covid-Bereaved Families Campaign & Save Lives


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We’re 2,800 Covid-bereaved families campaigning for lessons to be learned as quickly as possible, to save lives as the pandemic rages on.

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Christine Griffin 21st June 2021

This is vital work. My mum Joyce Garnett died in January 2021 with (rather than directly from) COVID. She was 94 and was admitted to hospital in December 2020 with a suspected heart attack and infection. She was discharged from hospital to palliative care at home despite a positive COVID test. The hospital staff were wonderful but totally overwhelmed - COVID cases could no longer be contained to COVID wards. She died at home and in no pain - and we could have a funeral. My sister Kate even visited her in hospital twice. I really felt for those in the first wave who couldn't do that, or those with loved ones dying in care homes. This government must be held to account for their (in)actions and lessons must be learned. Chris G, Bath

Christine Cree 13th June 2021

I lost my mum in february. She was everything to us, the button that held our family together. She had no underlying medical complaints, she was fit and only just turned 60 but through someone's selfishness my mum caught what was likely alpha variant, she fought it for 4 weeks 3 of those in hospital, 10 days in an induced coma that she woke from!!! Then as COVID does if you make it through the acute illness, the damage left behind is devastating. Mums lung burst (pneumothorax) and would seal back up because the disease had left them like wet cardboard. I say it was selfishness that caused mum to catch it because she could only have got it at the supermarket, she was hypervigilant cos dad is the sick one and she was his carer. Lanyards as an excuse not to put a piece of cloth over your face for an hour is a joke and should only be given by gp's when they deem you unfit. Total joke that there 50p in some shops, clearly being used as an excuse by some. So that's my story. Im donating to this campaign because we as a nation have to make the politicians realise its us they work for!! Us that put them in their jobs!! Its us that pay for it all and if we cant find another guy fawkes then we have to judicially hold them to account. Personally i would build bojo and hancocks gallows by hand myself!!! We need an independent judicially led public inquiry asap, to save more families from the utter torment of your family member being stolen from you by something invisible, that could have been managed much, much better.

david whittaker 11th June 2021

Message to right wing governments- Dead people cannot earn money, spend money,enjoy it’s benefits. or contribute to an economy. The health of nations comes before EVERYTHING else!

Ian MacNeil 10th June 2021

I have experience of grief, and the families and friends of those who have died in the pandemic need to have the deaths of those who died honoured and considered fully. And they must not be made to wait.

Malcolm Rudge 10th June 2021

Those responsible for making bad decisions must accept that they are answerable to those who suffer from those bad decisions. The process must be open and transparent.

Jeff Smith 10th June 2021

Every decision, by the government, concerning the Covid response has been the wrong decision. Too late locking down for the first lockdown, and subsequent lockdowns. Actions taken to ensure the wellbeing of the nations, ill conceived. The only concern the government seems to have taken into account is the economy. Decisions made to ensure that those at the top either make money or do not lose money. Lets get the nation back to work on the treadmill to continue enriching those at the top. Nothing to ensure that those suffering greatly at the bottom cope with the hardships of unemployment and low wages. The treatment of the NHS has been appalling. Could go on for ever.

Karen Reissmann 9th June 2021

Its awful that so many people have died and yet the Government will not speak with the bereaved, put right the Government wrongs, put them right and hold people to account

Nicolle Ash 2nd June 2021

Supporting for justice for my late father who died of covid in April 2020. When the advice stated that it was only affecting people with underlying health conditions and the elderly. He was neither.

Martin Redston 28th May 2021

Cheating and living by the authorities should always be challenged. The policemen and solicitor committed FRAUD when they forged their statements.

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