Helping businesses on Wirral through COVID 19

by Justine Mclaughlin in Heswall, England, United Kingdom

Helping businesses on Wirral through COVID 19


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Raising money to help bridge the gap for businesses being effected by the governments advise with no financial support.

by Justine Mclaughlin in Heswall, England, United Kingdom

Myself and my business partner Nik Ellis not only run multiple businesses based on the Wirral and Nationally but partner with, work for and surround ourselves daily with businesses of all sizes.  We have been absolutely heartbroken watching businesses struggling cross multiple industries. 

The Government has advised people to stay at home, not go to public places and limit travel. This has had a detrimental effect on the hospitality, travel and retail industry. By 'advising' and not 'instructing' people to not go to these places, these businesses are having to remain open with absolutely NO trade with NO way of being able to pay staff, stock accordingly etc. This is UNSUSTAINABLE for the majority of businesses and could see the closure of businesses within hours let alone days! So far no support financially has been offered from the government all be it some suggestions thrown about but that won't pay rents and salaries. This is changing daily though.

Our aim of this group is to all come together to support one another, no matter how little you can provide to help bridge a gap of funding for these businesses during these extremely difficult times and to hopefully keep some staple local businesses open when the UK finally returns to normality, no matter when it is.

As a marketing company with a strong business consultancy arm, we will be offering free consultations to these businesses when the 'crisis' has settled to make a plan to revitalise the businesses and get them back to strength as quickly as possible but in the interim they need help, to cover rates, pay staff, cover bills.

We know we aren't going to be able to raise enough to cover everything and this pot of money will be there for people to apply for money from with each business being assessed on an individual basis.

Social Isolation is talked about heavily. Many people use these businesses to meet and speak to people, yet ironically these are the highest risk of closure.  What happens when we do go back to 'normality' and these places no longer exist?

The only way through this pandemic is to support one another; there are some amazing initiatives in place to help the elderly and vulnerable, let's support the businesses we love and use on a daily basis. 

Every little helps, let's keep Wirral alive! 

Let's make 'Helping businesses on Wirral through COVID 19' happen

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