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As families of the bereaved by Covid-19,I am campaigning for lessons to be learned. We desperately need funds to run this campaign

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My name is Zarina Mahmood and my beloved fathers name was Sayed Mohamed Kadri. Dad died on the 10th May of Covid 19, after battling for his life on a ventilator for 5 weeks. You may have known my father in some capacity, whether you were related to him, maybe my father prayed with you at the local mosque or maybe he was just a friend. He was known by many names, Janibabu, Babajaan, to me he was known as Abba. He was a father of three, he was a husband and a grandfather but most of all MY hero.

I'd like to think I have always been a person of faith and I believe in the Almighty and except that everyone has to die, that’s a journey we all have to be prepared for. Dad always believed in that too he was a man of faith. He always said ‘’Allah has his reasons’’…but this is not about accepting his  death, this is about the lead up to his death, what measures were taken, and what could have been done to save not just his, but thousands of lives due to the  delayed response of the UK government.

The UK government skipped 5 cobra meetings, calls to order protective equipment and warnings of this pandemic by the WHO, all which fell on deaf ears.

Why didn’t the government intervene sooner when they knew this pandemic was coming, way back in February?! An earlier lockdown would have made a huge difference to the number of lives lost. We are already seeing worrying signs and a possible second wave, therefore we need to act now!

As a member of the Covid-bereaved group, along with members of 1400 families, all of whom have lost family members to this pandemic, we are campaigning for a public inquiry. We want justice!  We are trying to raise £100,000, so far, we have raised £25,000 and this is where I need your help please.

 If there is any way that you can contribute towards this cause, however little, so that we can continue this campaign, would be so greatly appreciated. 

Losing a loved one is always hard, losing a loved one under these circumstances is unimaginably so. There is no closure for the family as such, leaving you in limbo, unable to even grieve properly. I hope that none of you ever have to endure this pain, or lose a loved one this way.

Please share with friends and family as every contribution will count. This will continue to affect us all on a personal level as well impact the economy. 

Thank you for your time.

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