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COVID-19 & Traumatic Grief Support for Children

by Laura Stanley in Puddletown, England, United Kingdom


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To provide support to children and young people affected by the death of a loved one during the COVID-19 pandemic

by Laura Stanley in Puddletown, England, United Kingdom

Meet the Team 

Founded in 2007 by our CEO Margaret Hannibal and the late Trish Williams, Mosaic fills a gap in support for children across Dorset who have experienced the death of someone they love regardless of the cause of death. The team is made up of 10 part time staff all working towards one common goal, ensuring bereavement does not mean a loss of opportunity for any child or young person. Many of us have a personal story behind our choice to work for the charity, having witnessed first-hand the devastating effect death can have on a child.

What we do

Mosaic provides bespoke support to any child or young person and their family who has been bereaved. We also work pre-bereavement with those facing a death following a terminal diagnosis, helping parents to explain what will happen and allowing the family to make the best choices before the death occurs. Our Early Bereavement Intervention programme supports families through the immediate aftermath of a death, helping parents break the news, prepare for the funeral and understand the complex range of emotions which a child may be experiencing. Our post-bereavement support includes individual counselling, family sessions, memory work, creative and play activities  delivered by our fully qualified counselling and play therapist team. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive programme of activity days and social events, designed to allow families to meet others with a similar experience and build their own support network. Isolation can be an issue for a bereaved child and our residential weekends are one of the most important things we offer. Up to 25 children attend the weekend having the opportunity  to share their experience and remember their special person. They learn how to express difficult emotions safely and have fun One Dad dropped his young daughter off with the words "there won’t be anyone else here who has been through what she has" only to be discover that actually 2 other girls had, they all understood each other perfectly and created friendships which will last a lifetime.

Why we need support.

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted upon our ability to raise the funds we need to support every child or young person who needs us, but not on the support we are providing. We have quickly adapted our services to ensure that we are still available and answering every single query, using telephone and video calls we have provided hours of support to parents and professionals who have concerns around a bereaved child. As lockdown eases, we plan to start socially distanced face to face work once more and have a considerable number of cases where this has been requested. 

We know that as the full impact of the crisis becomes more apparent that the higher level of enquiries will continue. Not only through the large number of Covid deaths, but also due to the inability to say final goodbyes in person and at funerals which many have experienced. This leads to an inability to process the death and inevitably many children and young people will struggle with their grief because. Sadly the full economic and social scale of lockdown is likely to become apparent in the coming months and could lead to a rise in death by suicide which will have an impact upon the young people and children affected. 

It is vital that we continue to have enough funding to ensure we can meet this need as it arises, so we would ask that you choose to support Mosaic and the amazing work which we are doing to reduce the effects of bereavement on the children and young people who will shape the country in the future.

Our Aim

The goal of all those of us who work and volunteer for Mosaic is to ensure that every child or young person across Dorset has the support they need following the death of someone they love. Often many of the families we work with are already living in poverty, have addiction issues or poor support networks. Adding bereavement to this can lead to children not attending school, becoming angry, getting into trouble with the authorities and struggling with their own mental health. Working with Mosaic has shown many positive outcomes; 

“F said she feels it has made so much difference to her and how she copes with things. She said she feels she would never have felt confident enough to go back to her old school without counselling support”

Providing these children and young people with the tools and resilience to face their future challenges and therefore reach their full potential both academically and socially is at the heart of everything we do. We are incredibly proud of what we achieve and hope that you will choose to support us. 

Let's make 'COVID-19 & Traumatic Grief Support for Children' happen

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