COVID-19 Impact - Lost Wages / Commuting Cost

by commuterinneed in St. Albans, England, United Kingdom

COVID-19 Impact - Lost Wages / Commuting Cost


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Hi everyone,This is something I never thought I may have to / would try to do but I am wondering if anyone would be willing to help us pleas...

by commuterinneed in St. Albans, England, United Kingdom

Hi everyone,

This is something I never thought I may have to / would try to do but I am wondering if anyone would be willing to help us please....!

Background story:

My husband was a mature student and graduated in London with a Masters degree last year. Cue becoming a new graduate in the world of work aged 30! After working in private healthcare as a self-employed graduate for 6 months...COVID-19 hit. We have been affected by this quite significantly as he received the little sum of £50 from the UK Government's self-employed scheme. This is because he did not have enough income from the past 3 years tax history to qualify for support that would equal his normal monthly income due to being a student for these previous years. I am very lucky that I am a key worker and so have retained my salary/job throughout but on top of private rent, bills and other costs, and to pay everything on one salary has been extremely challenging. I don't even want to go in to the sheer stress we have been through from having to postpone our wedding to next year and the money tied up in that, for it not to happen yet...! Fingers crossed it will still go ahead. 

Where are we now and why are we asking for £5000?

I am asking for the grand sum of £5000 to help us towards the cost of our cars. If you're wondering why we have 2 it's because we work in opposite directions almost an hour from home each way and can't get to the (expensive) train station easily. We owe this on our two cars (today I was also quoted over £700 for fixing some bits on my car - which I haven't agreed to yet but will see if I can get this done elsewhere for cheaper!) and it would be a huge relief to have these paid off without the worry of this extra expense each month. 

How would this money help us?

Any money towards paying this off would be massively helpful to help us get back on track and to work without worrying about how much money has to go out for our commutes. Losing his salary for 5 months and him still on a reduced salary at the moment, we have cut back completely on everything. It would really make such a massive difference to our lives having this money to travel to/from work with a peace of mind. 

Thank you for reading our story :)

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