COVID 19 has stopped our Fundraising Events.

by Airborne Comrades Association in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

COVID 19 has stopped our Fundraising Events.
We did it
On 14th May 2020 we successfully raised £70 ( + est. £11.25 Gift Aid ) with 7 supporters in 28 days

Due toCOVID-19 all Fundraising events are cancelled meaning the charity really needs your help to keep our museum safe in storage.

by Airborne Comrades Association in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

The global COVID-19 pandemic has cancelled all Fundraising events  meaning the charity cannot afford to pay the rent and Insurance on our secure storage unit this is our only expense as a charity that comes out of a raised funds.

All other expenses are covered by our very generous volunteers All retired Veterans and Volunteers ,myself included.

Unfortunately without being able to raise the funds we will lose our secure storage and have no other premises we can store the items securely. So we are pleading for your help at this dire timeC

Charity reg number 1147044, our aim is to teach as many children and adults as possible about ww2 and we do this with the assistance of our armed forces veterans that range in age from 100 years old to 67 years old and have thought in conflicts from ww2 to northern Ireland .

We travel up and down the country for 9 months of the year including the National Armed Forces Day promoting in a fun interactive manner and do this with a ww2 model plane and tank museum, 1940s tent with replica weapons, rations and artifacts from ww2, mannequins based on real heroes each with the correct uniform and weapon for the person. Air soft firing range that kids can shoot full electric replica weapons from the ww2 era on, also we have 4 simulated fire weapons that we fire at set intervals at events these consist of a .50 cal machine gun, .30 cal machine gun, 3 inch mortar and 2 inch mortar and before these are fired we try tro choose a child to operate our air raid siren to give a 5 minute warning of the live simulated firing display.

We are unable to get Funding from the Government as we are non profit and are not classed as frontline , but we still as a charity have funds to pay out to protect our Mobile Museum and keep all our Equipment safe whilst in Lockdwon, we have applied for help to no avail so we are now asking you the Public to please help us at this time till we can safetly go back on events and help other charities and persons as The Airbourne Comrades has done for many years .

Thankyou for all your time reading this .


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