Covid 19 Bounce Back

by Scott jackson in Disley, England, United Kingdom

Covid 19 Bounce Back


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The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for golf clubs, with essential maintenance and improvements a necessity.

by Scott jackson in Disley, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The extra money will go towards extra training facilities on the practice area, and make sure that renovation of the putting green is done to the highest quality. The extra funding will guarantee the long term sustainability of the golf course.

Disley Golf Club was founded in 1889 and has a rich history as one of the oldest inland golf courses in England. With Disley's welcoming approach and golf for all attitude, the club aims to be the centre of the community for years to come. The club is renowned for having some of the quickest and smoothest greens in Cheshire, with some of the best views anywhere in the UK.  

Why do we need help?

During the pandemic the course still had to be maintained, incurring high running costs, without the usual revenue streams of green fees, golf days, functions and bar takings. This set the golf club back years in its financial plan to make essential maintenance work over the next several years. The loss of future events such as the Disley Community Bonfire will also place strain on the golf clubs finances.  

What is the golf clubs goal?

Disley Golf Clubs goal is to reach out to the wider community and increase participation in golf. Bringing in new golfers will increase the golf clubs membership and lower the golf clubs membership age demographic, securing the long term future of the club.

What is the crowdfunding for?

The main goal of the crowdfunding is to improve 3 main areas of the golf club, these areas sometimes get forgotten and sacrificed for other essential work. These areas can have a huge impact on the club moving forward and allowing year round golf. The areas this funding is focused on are practice and training facilities, bunkers and paths. 

Practice, Training Facilities and Putting Green

The practice facilities are key to getting people participating in golf and enjoying the wonderful game. Currently the practice facilities are in drastic need of improvement.

Putting Green

The putting green suffers from poor drainage and has period's throughout the year when it is too wet to use. This effects members pre round preparation and effects coaching as the putting green is where all golfers begin to learn the game.


The 2 plans for the putting green, dependant on funding are- 

Plan A

Remove considerable amount of thatch, do a drill and fill with kiln dried sand. Install drains and seed.

Plan B

Remove current putting green, dig down to a depth, install a gravel carpet with drains. Install blinding layer, install new rootzone and install new turf.


The putting green suffers from bad drainage and floods easily.

Practice Ground

Stage 1 of the practice ground improvement has been completed, which was the extension of the practice area, with an extra 40 yards of practice ground being created from the removal of some scrub land. To continue the practice grounds development, an all weather surface needs to be built. The plan is to create an all weather practice facility (like pictured below) which can then allow beginners to start and enjoy golf all year round. 



"The vision is to improve the facilities at the club, to make golf more accessible and enjoyable for members, visitors and beginners"                                                            - Scott Jackson, PGA Professional, Disley Golf Club


The local cubs enjoying an evening of Try Golf on the practice area.


The bunkers have been a problem at Disley GC for many years, without the funds for a full renovation; the bunkers have been deteriorating year on year. This means for sections of the winter they are out of play. As an integral part of the course, the need for the bunker renovation is imperative for the club to move forward.  

The full bunker renovation will include -

  • Removal of old sand
  • Bunker reshaping, including reducing the faces to minimise wash down
  • Drainage installed to stop puddling
  • Liner installed to stop sand contamination 
  • New sand installed 


Even though the paths are not an integral part of the course, the paths play an important role. This is especially true during the winter when the course could potentially be closed without them. With limited funds over the years, the paths have had temporary work done to repair them, this work just washes away when we have any bad storms, creating the green staff team further problems and putting strain on an already busy workload. 

Paths due to be replaced - 

  • Clubhouse to the 1st Tee
  • 1st Green to the 2nd Tee
  • 4th Green to the 5th Tee
  • 5th Tee to 5th Fairway
  • Around the 10th and 12th Tees
  • 18th Tee  


The paths have deteriorated over the years and potentially could become unsafe. 

The paths will be replaced with a weatherproof material, to improve the safety and look of the paths. 

1596866077_disley_primary_.jpgA large donation was made to Disley Primary School after the Disley community bonfire was held a Disley Golf Club in 2019.

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