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To help keep families safer at home from the Covid-19 using Air Sanitisation to reduce the virus, employing technology 1st developed by NASA

by HomePure Air Sanitiser in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

At the start of the pandemic, as an engineer and a problem solver, I felt I needed to help my family and others keep safe at home from the Covid-19. I had experience with product development and design and knew of a scientific application that could go some way to eradicate the impact of bacteria and viruses. The science behind it was compelling, by using a natural process that occurs in our upper atmosphere NASA first developed the technology for use in space exploration, as in space no-one should hear you sneeze!

I spoke with my colleagues and we believed we could bring the technology down to earth and build a unit for use in the home that would sanitise the air, in turn killing the virus, rather than just filter it like air purifiers do. We created our first prototype in April this year and put it into test and a trial situation in our own homes. Anecdotally we found that the usual summer coughs, colds, hay fever and sneezes disappeared and even the cut flowers in our hallway lasted weeks longer (my wife is a florist and she was amazed as molds, fungal spores & bacteria cause flowers to wilt). We knew the science was working, it did exactly what was expected.

Since the prototype we have extended and improved the development further and now have a full product design and specification for consumer use. The first production run has been completed and we have a website and e-shop ready to take orders www.homepure.co.uk 

1602334938_1602334881836.pngThe money raised will be spent on marketing and promoting the products, creating the awareness that there is a defence available for the home. The production and inventory will be increased to meet the anticipated demand and consumer orientated packaging designed for delivery of the product. Additional development of the technology is envisaged, the product fundamentals are modular and these can be used to efficiently produce larger configurations for use in commercial applications.


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