COVID 19 - Help Feed at Risk Srilankan Villagers

by Mayureni Sachchithanantham in Sutton, England, United Kingdom

COVID 19 -  Help Feed at Risk Srilankan Villagers


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I am raising funds for villagers in Jaffna (Srilanka), to provide dry food packages as food delivery is low and not reaching those in need.

by Mayureni Sachchithanantham in Sutton, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Due to the growing need for food within the villages in Jaffna, this target has now been increased.

We are incredibly lucky that we are in social isolation in London. The majority of us will have access to all our basic needs. We will always have food and medicine. 

There are villagers in Sri Lanka who under strict curfew won't have the same access to food or medicines.

Many have lost their jobs and the means to earn a living to feed their family.

We can all help. It is our turn to be generous.


I am personally trying to crowdfund and raise money for villagers in the Northern Province, Jaffna, Sri Lanka. They have been for the past few weeks and are still in a strict curfew, unable to have access to basic essential foods. Much of the food being delivered by agencies is not getting across to these small villages tucked in the outskirts.

I am working with the 'Red and Black Volunteers', which are a group of both past and present students of St Johns College, Jaffna. They are buying dry food packages and delivering it directly to those households which need them.

A dry food package consists of a bag of rice, dahl, onions, potatoes and sugar. Each package of food costs £6.

Dry food parcels have so far been delivered to amongst other places in Jaffna:

Manipay, Palali, Kokkuvil, Kankesanturai, Kopai, Matuvil, Elavala, Achuvali, Navatkuli, Nallur, Kilinochi, Velanai, Chillalai

Please turn your thoughts to those less fortunate than us at this time and donate what you can, small or large.  A donation of any amount will make a huge difference to those vulnerable people in these villages.

They need our help, now and urgently, to survive this pandemic.

Thank you,


Let's make 'COVID 19 - Help Feed at Risk Srilankan Villagers' happen

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