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To provide businesses with inspired, skilled and passionate employees; and modern day workers, with cover and temporary work in all fields.

by Robyn williams in London, England, United Kingdom

The CoverWork vision

Have you ever been living pay check to pay check? Wondering when you will finally get that promotion? Worried about how you will transfer from studying into the working world? There's never the right skilled worker at the right time to hire for those important jobs? You have employees who disappear last minute and no one is around to cover for them? You can never find work which will add or develop your current skills? You want a change of career but have no idea what to change to - or don't have the skills for the new career you desperately want?

CoverWork's aim is to tackle each of these problems. By providing business with a network of workers to hire on demand, either on the day or for the future - new work will be quicker to get and also it's TEMPORARY. So no need to worry if you decide the job is not for you. 

For workers both skilled and entry level - CoverWork will provide skill booster videos to up your career game! You will also be able to take on an extra shift or two whenever you need - either in a new industry or one you are familiar with. This will also allow those looking for a change in career, an opportunity to dive head first into a new role and get a feel! 

The money raised will be used for: 

1) Setting up a website - designed for easy use for users.

2) Marketing CoverWork, so our reach spreads far and wide and helps job seekers across London the UK and Worldwide.

3) Admin and payroll. The companies and people we use need to be paid. This includes paying for a customer service team, renting offices for meetings and salaries for those who work for CoverWork. 

4) Producing skill booster videos and articles in order to educate the nation on new job roles, skills and changes in industries.

The inspiration

I, myself, am a freelance Audio engineer. When starting my career - jobs were few and far between and I would have loved the opportunity to cover in music studios and music venues if given the chance. However, cover work in my field is very sparse and is usually through word of mouth or through a site you have to pay to use. CoverWork will be free for jobseekers and will offer work in all sectors, allowing every one the opportunity to gain the invaluable experience they need in order to set themselves apart - and develop their skills for a career they want to embark on.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£250 or more

5 Years FREE Subscription

For anyone who wants to invest in CoverWork - we will give you free use of the website (if you are a business owner) for 5 years!

£1 or more

The Angel

If you would like to donate just because you feel like it! Thank you!

£10 or more

1 year free subscription (BUSINESSES)

If you are a business - I will grant you a 1 year subscription which will allow you to hire free of charge for a whole year!

£10 or more

Profile boost for a year (JOBSEEKERS)

If you would like to stand out and get more jobs - pledge £10 and we will make your personal profile stand out to your potential bosses!

£35 or more

30% off your yearly subscription(Businesses)

CoverWork will give you 30% off your yearly transactions made via the site. (if you are a business owner)

£50 or more

5 Months FREE Subscription!(if you are a business)

For anyone who donates £40 they will receive 3 months FREE USE of CoverWork (if you are a business owner)

£60 or more

50% off your yearly subscription(Businesses)

CoverWork will give you 30% off your yearly transactions made via the site. (if you are a business owner)

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