Court/activist costs for enviro/political actions

by Davood Khayatian in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Court/activist costs for enviro/political actions
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Court costs for activists are high, we tackel capitalism and eco-side head on, but lose time at work to do so, please help support the cause

by Davood Khayatian in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

While engaged in working for the environment and against industries like the murderous arms trade, activists like myself forfeit our time, our criminal records and put our lives on the line to make a stand for what we believe in. I understand that many people with children, mortgages, and low income have difficulty making it to the front line at times, and appreciate any encouraging words and donations given so that after taking over a month off work this year to attend XR, the DSEI arms trade Fair and other protests this year alone, I don't have to give up more of my own time to earn money to pay my court fines. I was found guilty recently of climbing a tree in parliment sq without the majors permission, and although the fine was only £100, I still have not received my climbing equipment back form the police, which left me 6 months without the ability to work safely. Other friends are £2000+ down from fines relating to activism at the arms fair, and I will donate any left over from this crowd funder to their costs, and to ongoing activism against the military industrial complex bombing our brothers and sisters in the middle East. 

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