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On 11th October 2019 we successfully raised £2,000 with 59 supporters in 28 days

COVEN is an all-femxle gig theatre show about witches, told in a medium-bending format using original folk songs and stories.

by COVEN in United Kingdom

New stretch target

Extra money would mean we could fulfil our visual dream of getting an incredible puppeteer involved to do some shadow puppetry and visual work on the show. 

It would also mean we had some more money to pay our musicians for a few more days of rehearsal.

Finally, this extra money would enable us to pay a filmmaker to capture the performance at Hornchurch. 


It's 1645. Whispers are starting to fly and women are disappearing to jails, or worse, to the gallows. Is anyone safe from the witch-hunters?

It's 2019. Men in power are claiming they're victims of a witch-hunt. Womxn march on the streets bearing signs that say 'HEX THE PATRIARCHY'. 

COVEN is an all-femxle gig theatre show written by Daisy Chute and Rebecca Brewer.

Stories weave with folk-noir music featuring guitar, percussion, mandolin, vocals, loop pedals and the occasional angry banjo. 

Rebecca is an actress and writer originally from Derby, now living on the London/Essex border. As an actress she has worked at the National Theatre, RSC, Royal Court and numerous times in the West End as well as around the UK. 

Daisy is an award-winning folk singer/songwriter and arranger hailing from Edinburgh. She has worked with bands/artists like Radiohead and Sir Ray Davies and on film/TV/game soundtracks. 

We showcased our first 2 songs from the show at SIGNAL, a night for new music theatre created and curated by Adam Lenson. We have gone on to share the COVEN love at a scratch night at Camden People's Theatre, as well as with the HEARD Collective, an all-female music collective co-founded by Daisy and fellow singer-songwriter Cerian. COVEN is already starting to straddle both theatre and music worlds, and we want your help to continue this.


We want to invite you to be part of the creation of this fresh, new, medium-bending show. 

We have our first full-length performance at the Queen's Theatre in Hornchurch on the 22nd October and some of the funds we want to raise will go towards paying actor/musicians to join our COVEN for this gig. 

We also want to be able to make good recordings of this show to share with producers and venues who will help the show have a bigger life. 

The witch-savvy among you will know covens are normally made up of 13 witches; due to financial constraints, we only have 2 at the moment. So with your help, this number will increase to 4, adding two more actor-musicians wielding cello and violin. 

We need to develop the music to make some lush recordings, and for them to bring their badass skills to play at some of our upcoming gigs.


- paying 2 more actor-musicians for a few days of rehearsal and performance  

- paying for videos and recordings for the show

- the printing and creation of the THE COVEN SHOW ZINE - a zine we are curating which features an amazing array of contributors writing, and sharing art about witches, witchcraft, feminism, nature, healing and the occult. You'll also be able to read about the making of COVEN. 

Contributors for the zine include massive babe of a playwright Morgan Lloyd Malcolm (Emilia, The Wasp), witchcraft historian, author (England's Witchcraft Trials, Accused) and co-creator of Folklore Thursday Willow Winsham, healer Maria Love Yoo, artists Jenny Robins and Wallis Eates and many many more. You'll be able to get your hands on both a physical and digital version of this all-killer no-filler zine by donating to this crowdfund.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

Agnes Waterhouse

Thank you so much. We are so grateful for your contribution. You'll receive an online thank you from us. (This reward is named after Agnes Waterhouse, the first woman to be executed in England in 1566 at Chelmsford Gaol, Essex)

£10 or more

Ursula Kemp

Thank you so SO much. You will receive a thank you online and a PDF copy of THE COVEN SHOW ZINE emailed to you. (This reward is named after Ursula Kemp, a cunning woman and midwife who was executed for witchcraft in Essex in 1582)

£15 or more

Geillis Duncan

Thank you so SO SO much. You will receive a PDF copy of THE COVEN SHOW ZINE emailed to you, plus an online thank you and a discount for a ticket to a COVEN show of your choice. (This reward is named after Geillis Duncan, the first of the East Lothian witches to be accused in 1590.)

£25 or more

14 of 45 claimed

Gwen ferch Ellis

THANK YOU SO MUCH! You will receive exclusive behind the scenes recording, a PDF copy of THE COVEN SHOW ZINE emailed to you, a free ticket to a COVEN show of your choice and an online thank you. (This reward is named after Gwen ferch Ellis. The record of her trial is the earliest record of trial and execution on charges of witchcraft in Wales. She was first accused of Witchcraft in 1594. She was found guilty and hanged before the year's end)

£50 or more

2 of 20 claimed

Mother Shipton

THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH! (Ok this is getting ridiculous now) You will receive a physical copy and a PDF of THE COVEN SHOW ZINE, badge, sticker, exclusive behind the scenes recording, online thank you and a free ticket to a COVEN show of your choice. (This reward is named after Mother Shipton, a soothsayer and prophetess. Myth has it, she born in a Yorkshire cave)

£100 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Elizabeth Device

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH YOU LEGEND! You will receive a physical and PDF copy of THE COVEN SHOW ZINE, exclusive behind the scenes recording and photo, TWO free tickets to a COVEN show of your choice, badge, sticker, and a mention in the ZINE thank you page as well as online. (This reward is named after Elizabeth Device. Elizabeth was one of the Pendle witches, executed for witchcraft in 1612, after her 8 year old daughter testified against her.)

£150 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Florence Newton

W O W T H A N K Y O U! You will receive a physical & PDF copy of THE COVEN SHOW ZINE, two tickets to a COVEN show of your choice, badge, sticker, a PDF copy of COVEN lyrics & an exclusive behind the scenes bundle featuring videos, photos & music (This reward is named after Florence Newton, a beggar whose crime was to call to the house of John Pyne, a Youghal nobleman, during Christmas 1660 to ask for a piece of beef out of the powdering tub.)

£200 or more

1 of 5 claimed

Helen Duncan

WAIT - Are you sure? That's a lot of money!! But if you insist.. You will receive everything in all tiers, signed COVEN lyrics and all 5 COVEN badge designs, additionally 2 free tickets to a COVEN show of your choice including special reserved seating and a handwritten thank you note from Rebecca & Daisy (This reward is named after Helen Duncan, a Scottish medium who was the last person to be imprisoned under the British Witchcraft act in 1950

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